Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Very happy have Henry chart!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, that's the first day I have missed since starting. Seemed to spend most of my evening doing little bits and pieces. Needed to cut the grass as it is due to rain again now for a few days, needed to do some ironing :-( Only got a bit of stitching done on Summer Fairy, but some is better than nothing.

My best news was a kind comment yesterday from Srinity saying she could help me with my search for Henry VIII chart. She has a copy and was able to send me a scanned version of it.... which I have just downloaded and printed off. I am so happy and think it is such a kind gesture, cross stitch bloggers are so friendly. Of course now I really want to start it.... but I must be patient as I will need one of my large frames for it and I don't have one free, so I will store it safely away until I am ready to start (yes of course that''ll happen!)
I also have a new "want" that I spoted yesterday on the web. It is a sampler by The Victoria Sampler and is called D is for Dancer (by Thea Dueck). It would be great for Becki as she is the dancer in the family but it'll be a challenge as it uses all sorts of threads etc that I am not used to - silks, braids and Au ver a Soie thread! It also has a cute golden dragonfly on it. Here is a picture of the chart -
I think it'll have to go on my Christmas list!! as the accessory set is £21 and the chart £7....... I like to start my Santa list early!!!
Well tonight is my "Crafty Hands" club night so I will work on my View from a Terrace, I have also been doing Nicki's birthday card. It is Stacey's birthday today so she should have received her card..... I will post a picture of it tomorrow.
Ginnie x


Shellie said...

Thats great news Ginnie
Can't wait to see Henry started
My granddad designed his own Henry Tapestry years andyears ago b4 I was born My nan still has it its one Of my favourites of his out of the many he has done

Miss 376 said...

That looks a beautiful kit. Won't have long to wait for it, lol

Julie said...

VS charts are so lovely, there is usually a conversion to other threads on them as well to make it cheaper for you.

Have fun at the stitchy club

Tanja said...

I'm so glad you got the chart you were looking for. Isn't communicating through blogs wonderful?

I just bought a kit from Mirabilia, the Christmas Elf, in which they use a lot of beads. I have never worked with beads, so that will be knew to me.

Hope Santa is listening :-)


Maxine said...

Hi Ginnie...thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. You've done some lovely stitching. I've now added your blog to my blogroll :)