Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Henry is finally finished

I don't know where time has gone too, I didn't think it was that long since I blogged but it was the end of May.... oh dear. Must admit my stitchy bug has had it's ups and downs, there used to be rarely a day that I didn't stitch but I know recently I can go for days without picking my needle up.

Never the less I have 2 finishes to show, one of which is Henry VIII and his wives. I finally put the last stitch in it this morning making it around a 19 month project. So pleased to see it all finished at last, it looks great, and here it is -

The photo is a little dark but it has been a dull day here ! Now to save up to get it framed.

I also finished the Ballerina for Becki recently. I really enjoyed this even with all the similar colours. She loves it too...... and other one to frame !!

Been a busy few weeks for us as a family too. We have visited a few universities now and have another few to visit in September. But at the moment Laura especially loved Nottingham Uni.... which is set in lovely park like grounds and they are having a brand new Humanities building this year where she would then be based. Becki still wants to get into a Dance School in London, but if that doesn't work out she visited Bedford Uni (still to do Dance) and liked that as a second choice. They have to start applying around the middle of September. I really hope they get what they want but I am going to miss them so much next year when they leave home... all part of growing up I suppose.

Talking of growing up we have also had a "first" boyfriend on the scene. Becki started seeing this lad called George..... but it lasted less than 2 weeks when she realised they had little in common etc etc...... was an emotional time for all of us, I never realised how involved I would get with all this....... and I suppose I have more to come. Now the 2 of them are spending most of their summer over at friends houses !

Good job I have new stitching lined up for the lonely times ahead !! I am about to start one for my mum and dad called Pension Day which was in a magazine a few years ago and also fancy doing another Forever Friends one for me. Will update you on these next time.

Until then Happy Stitching

Ginnie xx