Thursday, 28 May 2009

My first Flip-it

I am pleased to say I have finished my March Flip-it and have made it into an ornament. I was going to buy a nice frame and swop the month inside each time.... but decided to make the hanging ornie instead after seeing someone else make one like that. So here it is -

I do have it hung up at the moment even though it is May !! I have now started August in the hope I will finish this in plenty of time!!

I also finished my next Charity square, this is for a "monsters" blanket.... he is a kind of cute monster. I love stitching these charity squares as most of the charts I pick are ones I would have no reason to stitch otherwise. Next I am doing a cute Margaret Sherry puppy.

I am really trying to put lots of work into my Family Tree this week too as I don't seem to have done so much recently. I would love to get this finished by the end of the year! I have done a lot but when you look there is still loads more to do.

The weather is supposed to be really nice again this weekend, so I may even get to stitch in the garden !!

Ginnie x

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Baby arrived - so card finished

What a lovely weekend we have had...... some sunny weather!! I have had a good "go" at the garden, lawns are all cut, trimmed, raked etc. Stitching though has suffered but never mind! Yesterday we went over to my mom and dad's for a chinese take away tea to celebrate my dad's birthday. (His birthday is actually today) We also celebrated the arrival of my cousin's baby, they had another little boy and he was a whooper at nearly 9lb !! They have called him George William, so last night after a few glasses of wine I quickly stitched the bow blue on his card and mounted it today. I adore the way this has turned out and I hope they like it too.

I had also finished dad's father's day card in the week so I mounted that too. I need to get a peel off stitcher for the bottom yet. Again I am pleased with the result. This afternoon between gardening I have been doing some decoupage as I want to make some cards for my charity stitch group for their fund raiser in September. I'll show some of them when they are complete.

Otherwise this week I have made fantastic progress on my Bang on the Door design, it has been lovely to stitch.... lots of bold colours. I will show this once it is done and been presented to the person I am making it for !!

I have just 2 days off for spring bank holiday, so I am hoping to fit in a bit more stitching and card crafting.

Happy stitching.

Ginnie x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Henry day again.

Good morning everyone........ here is my Henry progress from last week. I don't feel like I have done as much as usual, since my fall I have still not been able to get comfy on the settee...... I end up fidgeting a lot so sitting with a frame hasn't been much fun, I have found it easier to do little bits and bobs.
As you can see I have done a part of the border above Henry (which actually has his name on but it's hard to see) then I have contiuned with Catherine Howard, she now has a face and a bodice!

I also worked on my Lizzie Kate "March" design but have forgotten to take a photo! Here is the progress on my Father's Day card, this is a really simple and enjoyable stitch.

This week I have started a Bang on the Door design but it is a surprise for someone who reads my blog..... so no pictures I'm afraid.

I have got my mom involved in the Stitch for Charity group as she knits. She made a jumper last week that I have just posted off with my first 2 squares. At the weekend she knitted a teddy and I stitched him together last night. Apparently she has made another one now so looks like I'll be stitching up another one soon. They are so cute and very simple, the group like them to add to all their boxes of love they send out with bay clothes etc in.

Hope you all have a good week....

Ginnie x

Friday, 15 May 2009

Country idyll

Hasn't Friday rolled around fast again? This week seems to have flown by and I don't feel I have done a lot of stitching. I promised an update of Country Idyll from last week and here it is -

I love the way this is turning out and I'm sure I can get it done well before Christmas.
I have also completed my second square for the "stitch for charity" group I have joined. It was for the circus theme blanket. I am posting this and the fairy one off tomorrow. I have signed up for at least another 3 squares.... but there is no rush for them so I'll take my time and try to get my other stitching done too!

This week I am back stitching on Henry. I had a urge to stitch part of the border on Monday night.... so I did. I just did the part above Henry's head and then back stitched his name on it. Otherwise I am working on wife number 5 again..... I also started a Father's Day card for my dad, it is a crossword puzzle design out of the latest Card Shop magazine. I'll post a picture of that next time.

I have to go to work in a bit... nearly the weekend though. The weather here has turned horrid and cold again.... roll on the sunshine. Have a good weekend everyone.

Ginnie x

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Just little bits

Just a few little pieces if stitching to show today. I have been working on my Country Idyll this week and have made good progress with the tree. I will work on this a little more tonight and post an update later in the week as usual. I must work on my HAED too tonight as that was supposed to be Sunday night's schedule but I didn't do any last week!!
I have also been busy stitching my charity squares. This is the first one I have completed - a spring fairy from my Fairies in Cross Stitch book. I am now working on a Circus theme one - of a couple of acrobats. Once the circus one is finished I'll post these off before starting number 3!

Today I have spent some time in the garden, a lot of time ironing, some time on Facebook (addicted to the restaurant and farm games!) and have also made my Auntie Jean's birthday card - here it is........

In answer to Jean's question about my girls being identical.... well that's a long story.... the hospital said when they were born that they were non identical. But they were always so similar we doubted this. Then we got involved with TEDS, a twins study who offered free DNA tests to see if they were identical (because apparently hospitals often get it wrong) and the results were 99% definite they were identical!!! Nowadays they strive to look different... which makes life easier for all of us!!

Happy stitching

Ginnie x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

WIPs and a bell pull!

Thanks for the lovely comments about my daughters, I am very proud of them as they are very good, ok they have their moments..... but on the whole they are great. They had a lovely day and now have birthday money to spend!!
Thought I would share a couple of my WIPs today. Firstly here is Family Tree, I managed to continue with the blue edges, another names box and some of the large surname box. I would have liked to have done a bit more.... but the weekend's events got in the way!!

I also started the Lizzie Kate - March Flip it.... not a lot to show yet but it's a start. I have a few of the other months now too so will be able to continue with the set!!

Also thanks to Shellie I have joined a charity stitching group that can be found here. I am really pleased to get involved in this project as it is something else useful I can do with my stitching. For stitchers they want 6 x 6 inch squares of certain themes that they make into quilts. They also require knitters so I have recruited my mom to knit some prem baby clothes. Please feel free to check out their forum!! I have started on a "Fairy" square and I intend to do a circus theme one next. I know Shellie has done a disney square. The themes are quite varied. Here is the progress so far -

Lastly I did manage some machine stitching on Sunday afternoon and here is my D for Dancer bell pull. I am very pleased with the finish and it was really very easy to make up. It is now hanging in Becki's room! I bought the bell pull ends from sewandso they are made by Framecraft.

This week I am back on Country Idyll, I want to get lots of the greens on the trees done this week. Tonight is Stitch Club so I'll be working on my Lilliput Lane for my SAL, I'll be glad when I have finished this.... not much more to do!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ginnie x

Monday, 4 May 2009

Happy Birthday dear daughters

I want to wish my darling daughters a very Happy Birthday as they are 15 today!
Here is one of my favourite photos from when they were little, I can't believe they were this small once. This was taken just before Christmas 1994 when they are about 7 months old. They look like bookends with dad inbetween. (Sorry had to expose you to a hairy leg photo too!!!)

I am about to take them to the cinema, where they are meeting some friends. Then after the show they are coming back to our house for a little party.

Thanks for all your well wishes about my fall. I have a horrid, big, black bruise at the bottom of my back but can sit down a little easier today!

Will be back soon with a stitching update.

Ginnie x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Wedding Row finished

I am pleased to say I have finished Wedding Row and I just love it. I'm sure Helen and Dave will like it too. My word I am flying through my finishes at the moment !!

Wedding Row
Bent Creek
32ct fabric
DMC/Gentle Art threads
I'm not sure how much stitching I'm going to get done today as I have had a little accident this morning..... I have fell down the stairs! This is the second time in 18mnths that I have slipped on the last 4/5 steps and slid down on my backside!! So now sitting down is rather uncomfortable. I am a silly devil!! Tonight we have the family coming over for a chinese takeaway to celebrate the girl's birthday (on Monday) I think I'll be standing up to eat!!
I have worked on my Family Tree this week but have also started the March Flip It I won off Bev. No photo yet!
Sorry this is short but sweet but I have to take the girl's shopping in a moment as they have to get each others birthday cards..... I think I can manage to hobble around the shopping centre.
Have a good weekend.
Ginnie x