Wednesday, 6 May 2009

WIPs and a bell pull!

Thanks for the lovely comments about my daughters, I am very proud of them as they are very good, ok they have their moments..... but on the whole they are great. They had a lovely day and now have birthday money to spend!!
Thought I would share a couple of my WIPs today. Firstly here is Family Tree, I managed to continue with the blue edges, another names box and some of the large surname box. I would have liked to have done a bit more.... but the weekend's events got in the way!!

I also started the Lizzie Kate - March Flip it.... not a lot to show yet but it's a start. I have a few of the other months now too so will be able to continue with the set!!

Also thanks to Shellie I have joined a charity stitching group that can be found here. I am really pleased to get involved in this project as it is something else useful I can do with my stitching. For stitchers they want 6 x 6 inch squares of certain themes that they make into quilts. They also require knitters so I have recruited my mom to knit some prem baby clothes. Please feel free to check out their forum!! I have started on a "Fairy" square and I intend to do a circus theme one next. I know Shellie has done a disney square. The themes are quite varied. Here is the progress so far -

Lastly I did manage some machine stitching on Sunday afternoon and here is my D for Dancer bell pull. I am very pleased with the finish and it was really very easy to make up. It is now hanging in Becki's room! I bought the bell pull ends from sewandso they are made by Framecraft.

This week I am back on Country Idyll, I want to get lots of the greens on the trees done this week. Tonight is Stitch Club so I'll be working on my Lilliput Lane for my SAL, I'll be glad when I have finished this.... not much more to do!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ginnie x


Lula said...

Some gorgeous work Ginnie. Loving the family tree especially. I have also joined the stitch for charity site thanks to Shellie!

Shellie said...

AWWW ginnie fab stitching and thanx so much to you and Lula for jioning up I know the girls on the forum appreciated it, and well done to your Mum too
Great news
Hugs and Happy Stitching

Annette said...

What have you done muts last week, bravo.
The pieces look very nice,

Gaynor said...

Ab fab as always. I love the bell pull. It is really really nice. I will be joining tomorrow and advertising it on my Irish Yahoo group...How can I not???

Theresa said...

wow Jayne
Your family tree is lovely and that charity stitching sounds great. I might take a look at the link

Wendy said...

The Bell pull is just gorgeous Jayne! And Family tree is looking great!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitching! and congrats on that gorgeous finish!

Srinity said...

All you wips look great. And the bell pull is beautiful.

Tammy said...

they all look great Ginnie! Love that family tree!

Barb said...

Great wip's. The Bellpull is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The bellpul is absoloutley stunning. Happy belated birthday to your girls. Well done on doing the squares.

I have that magazine for you too - the condition isn't that good but none of the charts are damaged so I don't want anything for it.

Take care

Laura x

Sharon said...

lovely projects-especially the family tree-love that one.

Julie said...

Beautiful work Ginnie, Dancer looks superb all finished