Saturday, 30 August 2008

Several to show

I have had a busy few days with my stitching and a busy day out today.
Firstly on Thursday I did what I set out to do and finished this -

View from the Terrace
Derwentwater Designs
I also finished another little Christmas stitching from the recent Cross Stitcher magazine, I will finish this as an ornament like the one I did last week. The chart showed it in a blue colour but I used a DMC variegated red thread. I really like this one and may stitch another.

The postman also bought me my "Hot Cocoa" chart on Thursday, I can't wait to start it but it has gone in the drawer for now until I can fit it into my busy schedule!!
Friday morning I set about sorting the threads for D for Dancer.... oh this was a challenge. Most of my stitching has consisted of using DMC or Anchor 6 stranded cotton, with the occasional metallic threads/braid. In this I had "Thread gatherer" "Gloriana overdyed silk" "Au ver a Soie" "Kreinik Mori" etc..
It took me a while but I think I sorted it correctly, I never realised that some threads are 12 stranded!!
Finally last night I started it..... not much to show so far. I have a deer, a dolphin and some darning stitches!! I am going to pick it up again in a moment but I am taking my time with it to get all the specialty stitches correct.

Today as it is virtually the end of the summer holidays, Stuart and I have taken the girls to Warwick Castle. It was packed!! where we parked it was a 20 minute walk to the entrance. But it was worth it we had a fab day, lovely weather etc. We watched jousting, falconry etc. The girls and I went up the big tower and round the ramparts, 530 steps.... oh my legs ache now! It is a lovely castle and it had been years since we went, I am glad we made the effort to go.
Well back to the stitching, I must work on some of Mom's sampler this evening too.
Ginnie x

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Live strong as the mountains

I can reveal Julie's birthday card/gift today as I presented it to her at work this morning ready for her birthday on Saturday.
This is it when I had finished stitching it. I since mounted it in a dark brown square card but seem to have forgotten to photo it then......

I chose the Native American theme as she had expressed an interest in it. I was lucky with the beads and braid in turquoise as it turned out to be her favourite colour. All morning she kept looking at it and admiring it. I am so glad she liked it. The design was one of three out of an old Cross Stitcher magazine (yes I use their patterns alot!) Now she wants me to do the other 2 for her!!

I have just come back from my stitching club and have worked on my View from a Terrace. I am aiming to finish this tomorrow night - no excuses!!!!

A message to my friend Nicki - sorry I have got you hooked on stitching again - let me know which charts you end up buying!!!!!!!

Ginnie x

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

So many awards!!

I have been overwhelmed by receiving 4 awards over the last couple of days.
Zetor has awarded me "Super Commenter"
And Miss376, Jodi and Redwitch have awarded me with "I love your blog"
Many thanks to one and all! I am always amazed that people enjoy my blog. I never imagined when I started this "blogging" that I would be hooked so quickly and would make many new blogging friends. I am afraid I am still going to chicken out of passing these awards on, I counted my blogroll the other day and I have over 50 favourite places to visit - how do I choose out of those. Please check out these places they are all great!
Back to stitching - I have updates of my Family Tree stitching. I felt like I hadn't progressed much with this but looking at it now I can see it is coming along quite well. The green of the tree is getting boring! so I went on to start the banner under our names that will say the word "Family". I knew when I started this it was a big project so I know from experience that stitching big projects like this always take me a long while. All progress is good progress!
This close up one looks a different colour but it was taken without the flash on.
I have also had an email today saying my Hot Cocoa chart has arrived from the USA and it'll be posted to me tomorrow - hurray I can't wait. I must put it away though for now and stick with my rota. I will slot it in at a later date!
This week I want to finish View from a Terrace and start D for Dancer. As well as continuing with Mom's sampler and Christmas stuff!!
I am giving Julie her Birthday card tomorrow so I can post a picture of that next time. I hope she likes it because I really liked the way it turned out.
Happy stitching...
Ginnie x

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

I have had a busy Bank Holiday so far, nice to think I still have a day off tomorrow too.
On Saturday evening we had originally planned to have a barbeque and invite a few friends over but we cancelled it on Thursday as the weather didn't look like it would be too good (It did rain!) So our friends who live down the road, Pete and Lesley invited us out for a meal at a locol pub called The Lawnswood. We had a lovely night as we haven't been out with them for ages, we caught up on each others news and had a nice meal and several glasses of red wine.
Sadly this morning I had a bit of a headache (I am not used to drinking much!) so I had a quiet, relaxing morning.
Then this afternoon me, the girls and my parents had a nice trip out. We live in a village called Wordsley which was famous in years gone by for it's Glass Making Industry. We have a "Cone" called the Red House Cone just down the road and it is one of only 4 remaining in the country. More information can be found about it here. It is like a big round chimney where the glass blowing etc took place. This weekend they were having an International Festival of Glass, we walked along the canal to it, saw some lovely glass work, engraving and a glass blowing demonstration. We then had a cup of tea in the Tearoom, visited the shop (all quite expensive) and then walked back along the canal home.

I managed to get some stitching done when I got home, which was a good job as I seem to have done very little over the last couple of days. I have another square of my moms done - a handbag! The pattern shows white back-stitched flowers over it, but I think I like it plain. The strap of the bag was supposed to be in beads but I used the gold thread instead which I think looks nice.

My fabric for Henry VIII and his Wives arrived Saturday morning, I had ordered a bigger piece then I needed so I have cut it to the right size but have not put it on the frame yet. I know once I do I'll be tempted to start it. I just have to wait a bit longer!!

Now I am going to continue on my Family Tree, I will post an update picture tomorrow, it seems to be growing very slowly this time !!

Ginnie x

Thursday, 21 August 2008

New chart on order

Just a quick posting tonight as I have been out for a drink with my bestest buddy Aly and am a little tired now. But I wanted to share my new "buy" with you.
While browsing a few blogs I found "Casey Buonaugurio designs" and really liked some of their food and drink themes.
So I have ordered the chart as pictured below - Hot Cocoa.

It has got to come from The States so will take a little while, but I am in no hurry. I also ordered some more linen for another sampler design I have seen in another Cross Stitcher magazine.

My daughters had some good news today, they had both been entered into their GCSE Maths 2 years early as they are pretty clever! They got their results today and both passed with a grade C. They were thrilled and I was very proud of them.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my Christmas mini finish. I suddenly realised it isn't actually finished as it has to have red beads on too. I think turning it into an ornament seems the best idea so I will show it again when totally complete.

Well I am going to relax in front of the TV now, no stitching, oh dear. Will make up for it tomorrow.

Ginnie x

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Christmas finish

I returned to work today so I am quite tired tonight and have given up stitching early.
I did finish a little Christmas picture when I got in early this evening. It is from the current Cross Stitcher magazine which comes with a 'Christmas Card' booklet this issue. I liked this one as it was simple looking but the gold made it look more special. I'm not sure whether to make it into a card as the chart intended or make a small Christmas Ornament to hang on the tree.

There are a couple more I want to do in the booklet so I will update you with those when I get around to doing them.

I also spent some time on my mom's birthday sampler. It is really taking shape now with 5 squares complete (except I intend to put a letter S in the heart shape) I will need to look out for some fabric to complete this into a cushion soon.

I have only done a bit of my Family Tree tonight, but small progress is still good. As it is Crafty Hands club tomorrow I may not work on it much tomorrow either so must put in extra effort Thursday to Sunday. I'm trying to decide which stitching to take to the club tomorrow, I think I may dig out my Noah's Ark one as I haven't touched that for a while and I have worked on that well at the club before.

Ginnie x

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Nearly finished another

Here's my Sunday update on View from the Terrace, I was hoping to finish it this time around but my eventful holiday meant I had a few non sewing days!! So nearly there but not quite!

The close up shows I have just the sky, top of the border and a few small bits around the cottage. Luckily this design has very little back stitch! I am very pleased with how it is looking. Shame my holiday wasn't a similar view!!

Now I did consider continuing it this week to get it done, but the sky is getting a bit boring! So I have sorted my rota and will slot it back in soon.

My new rota (well not much different) is as follows-

  • Week One (next) - Family Tree + Mom's Sampler
  • Week Two - View from the Terrace (to complete) + Mom's Sampler + D for Dancer (to start)
  • Week Three - Warwickshire Map + Mom's Sampler
  • Week Four - Mom's Sampler (If not finished - to complete) + New Start - "All hearts come home" (Passione Ricamo Freebie for Christmas)

I have also ordered some 18 ct ivory aida for Henry VIII and Wivies so will be itching to start that. When it arrives I will get it attached to the frame but I must finish Warwickshire Map first (well I'll try but I may just start a little tiny weeny bit!! You know how it is!!)

Here's my update on the Blue Ribbon Design freebie - Christmas ornament. I haven't done a huge amount but it is taking shape.

I have also just ordered a new chart and some more fabric for another small sampler I have seen!! I will fill you in on this next posting!

Ginnie x

Friday, 15 August 2008

Early holiday return!

Well we had to cut our holiday to Cornwall short, due to terrible weather! Cornwall seem to be having a very bad summer as the campsite was already very wet when we arrived and there was a lot of mud and pools on the grass on Monday. But the tent went up easily (normally we have some problem!) and we had a nice evening with my mom and dad in their caravan next door.
On Tuesday morning we woke up to sun! and visited Widemouth Bay (you can see from the photo there were plenty of waves!)
We then went into Bude, which was a nice place, but we got caught in a rain shower and returned to the campsite wet! That evening it continued to rain and the ground just got wetter and wetter. I was so glad I had my wellies but it was starting to get tiresome changing into and out of wellies. Even my parents awning was swimming. During the night we had torrential rain and then the wind started to get stronger .... and the tent started flapping and bending ..... and I got more and more nervous that it was going to blow away with us in it! After little sleep we had to get up early Wednesday to re peg some of the tent. It was awful, the kitchen unit blew over, the clothes blew off the hanging wardrobe, the sides of the tents were so wet that the inner part of the tent started to get wet and then the bed areas started to get wet! I was so worked up about it all. Apparently the winds were gusting at 50 to 60 mph!! This continued all morning, we moved lots of our things into the car to keep them dry and sat in mom and dads caravan.
We knew that we wouldn't be able to spend the night in the tent or take the tent down as it was so windy so we had to check into a hotel in Widemouth. It was such a relief but cost us over £150 for 2 rooms!! Least we were dry and had a great nights sleep. It was a lovely hotel and we had a fabulous cooked breakfast the next morning.
Thursday we returned to the tent (It had actually survived!) and decided that the inside was too wet and the ground was too muddy to stay any longer. As Thursday was a sunny day we spent the day there still, packed back up at teatime and returned late last night.
So Thursday we were able to visit Tintagel at least, it was a lovely place, beautiful views, sunny weather! I had a hand made cornish ice cream!!
Here are another couple of pictures.

This is part of the ruins of Tintagel Castle

This is a view from the castle of the lovely coastline.

I suppose I have to be grateful that we all got back safely, tent and all. Especially as on the Wednesday a 5 year old girl fell into a river in Bude and drowned. But I was grieved we had lost out on most of our holiday and that we had lost our money from the campsite and had to spend on a hotel, but we just couldn't have stayed. Even my parents returned today! We have decided from now on camping holidays in the UK are out!! We are flying somewhere dry next year!!

So as for any stitching...... little to report!! Luckily today I have spent the day relaxing, stitching and watching the Olympics! I will try to catch up on my stitching over the weekend and update you all later.

Sorry to have rambled on but it has been a very eventful and stressful few days...... I needed to get it off my chest !!!

Ginnie x

Sunday, 10 August 2008

My Map

I completely forgot yesterday that I had been nominated again for 2 awards by extremely kind people. They were Rachel and Erica - check out their sites if you haven't already - and thank you very much for thinking of me. I'm afraid again I am going to back out of nominating, my blog roll grows weekly and I just couldn't pick one above another, I love reading them all.
So here is the latest update of my Warwickshire Map, all place names, rivers, hills, trees and boundaries are complete. All I have left to do are the little fiddly symbols for landmarks etc..

There is also the compass to go at the top left and the Warwickshire Coat of Arms to go at the bottom right. I have taken it off it's frame as it was coming undone at the bottom and pulling it out of shape, as you can see the word "Warwickshire" still looks twisted but a good pressing etc will sort that out. Here is a close up of part of the top where I have also done some of the symbols.
I hope I can finish it on it's next rotation but I think the little bits will take longer than you think. Even so it will be finished by the end of September, I am going to start Henry VIII and his Wivies then so when I return from my holidays I will look for some fabric.
So this is my last post until 19th August as we are off camping tomorrow to a site in Cornwall between Bude and Boscastle (Infamous for it bad flood a few years ago!) My mom and dad have a caravan and they have travelled down today, apparently it is very wet and doesn't look very promising for next week. We have a 6 berth tunnel type tent which is cosy but we still spend a lot of time with my parents in the van as it is a little more comfy. Never mind the weather, we will enjoy ourselves no matter what, we intend to go to The Edenproject and Tintagel where King Arthur is supposed to have lived! And of course I will get plenty of stitching done! The dog is off on his holidays too to my MiL house where he will be spoilt rotten!!
Hope everyone has a good week.
Ginnie x

Saturday, 9 August 2008

On the 4th square.

Sorry for no posting yesterday but it was our 16th Wedding Anniversary and we were invited over to my mom and dads for a Barbeque. By the time we returned I was tired after having a couple of glasses of wine so I left the stitching in the bag!!
I have done a bit more of my Mom's Sampler this morning and I have 3 squares complete - back stitch and all and am now working on square number 4 - the bouquet of flowers. I am really enjoying doing this as each square feels like a big step towards finishing!
I have still been working on my Map in the evening and will post an update tomorrow. I have finished all the rivers and have nearly finished all place names and borders. I will work on getting those complete by tomorrow.
Later today we are off to the shops as we go on holiday on Monday and need a few holiday things, the weather isn't good here again today and doesn't look too promising still for next week..... so must pack my wellies and wooly jumpers!! (we go camping!)
So tomorrow will be my last post for just over a week, I'll have a lot of blogging to catch up on when I return.
Ginnie x

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

And a bit more progress

I finally got my dark pink thread I needed for my Mom's Sampler, and as you can see it has made a big difference and the stitching seems to stand out more now. I am just working on the sunflower on the right at the moment. I am trying to stitch this between 6pm - 8pm then move onto the Warwickshire Map after that. Tonight has been stitching club though, so it has stayed at home as I take my mom with me!
I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments again, I always think I pick unusual things to stitch that maybe other people may not like... but it seems lots of you like what I do! I was asked the name of the chart that I am doing for my mom - It is just called Mother's Day Sampler, it was designed by Marie Diaz and was out of The Cross Stitcher magazine back in March 2006.
Last night when I got in from work I had a lovely greeting off my dog, Marshall. He is 14 this year and not as agile as he was, but to my surprise he jumped up on the settee for some love! First time he has done that for ages. I managed to get Stuart to grab my camera and take a picture of us as I can never get a good photo of the dog as he always moves away when he sees the camera.
I just had to show the photo although the dog looks much better than me!!!!!
Now I'm off to do some more of my map, I gave up on it last night as I had to unpick some of the border!!!! So I'll go and try to get it in the right place this time!
Ginnie x

Monday, 4 August 2008

Small progress

This is my progress so far on my Mom's Birthday Sampler stitching. It doesn't look a lot yet and it seems really pale but I am waiting to add some dark pink to it but I haven't got the correct thread. Hopefully I'll get that over the next few days. The fairy holds a dark pink heart, the dress on the hanger has a pink sash down it and the border of the 9 little squares has dark and light pink in it.
I have decided to stick with my rota but continue with mom's stitching throughout in case I run out of time. As I want to make it into a cushion I will need some time to sew it together!! So this week I am working on my Warwickshire Map also. Next week we are on holiday and mom and dad are coming too so I will leave the Sampler at home! I'll work on View from a Terrace that week and some other small card projects. I want to finish the Terrace one this month if I can.
Yesterday I was very pleased as I managed to frame a piece of stitching by myself. My friend Aly bought me a Tatty Teddy kit a while ago which I stitched up quite quickly, but then it went back in my drawer. On having a sort out I found some self adhesive mount board and a little wooden frame so I got it all measured up, stuck it to the board, glued the back pieces down and mounted it in the frame. I think it turned out ok, I just need to find a small space to hang it!!
Well I am off to get stitching on my map, if I can get this finished soon I can start my Henry VIII and his Wives chart, which I am keen to get going on after the return on the Tudors TV series on Friday night. I love that programme and think Jonathan Rhys Myers is lovely as Henry!!
Ginnie x

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Finishes and Starts.

I feel I am having a good week, not only have I finished my Summer Fairy I have 2 more finishes to be proud of and 2 new starts to mention.
Firstly, last night I finished the piece of stitching for Julie's Birthday. Sadly I can't show this yet as I know she reads this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise. All I can say is that I think it looks great, the magnifico beads and the Kreinik braid really set it off.
Secondly I finished an old UFO. It is a piece of Blackwork stitching and I have been working on it since 1994!! It is of Henry VIII (I have mentioned before of my love of the Tudors) and the chart was in a magazine. I intended to do Elizabeth I too as I have that chart but I don't think I will somehow. I love the Blackwork effect but I found it a bit boring to stitch. (Hence it being a UFO) It has been in my drawer nearly finished for a long time, Stuart mentioned this morning that I would never finish it....... so I proved him wrong and worked on it this afternoon. It didn't take much to finish, now I have to decide what to do with it.

Henry VIII Blackwork
New Stitches Magazine
Issue 6
Then as I had made a few finishes I just had to make a few new starts too! I started my Mom's piece on Friday so that counts as one. Today I fancied starting something for Christmas so I can make it into an ornament. I found a nice one on Blueribbon designs called "A Christmas wish of health and happiness". I am sewing it on 28ct cream material that was in the drawer and I'm using the DMC threads they suggest. I also have some red cord ready to put round it when I fix the ornament together. Here is my small progress so far!

I have also been doing a bit of Becky's Ballerina stitching as I hardly ever touch this. It is on blue fabric which normally I find tricky to stitch on but today I sat by the window in sunlight and found it much easier. I will post a picture of this another day.
Well back to my Mom's picture I think, as before I know it time will be running out and I don't want a mad rush at the end!!

Ginnie x