Thursday, 21 August 2008

New chart on order

Just a quick posting tonight as I have been out for a drink with my bestest buddy Aly and am a little tired now. But I wanted to share my new "buy" with you.
While browsing a few blogs I found "Casey Buonaugurio designs" and really liked some of their food and drink themes.
So I have ordered the chart as pictured below - Hot Cocoa.

It has got to come from The States so will take a little while, but I am in no hurry. I also ordered some more linen for another sampler design I have seen in another Cross Stitcher magazine.

My daughters had some good news today, they had both been entered into their GCSE Maths 2 years early as they are pretty clever! They got their results today and both passed with a grade C. They were thrilled and I was very proud of them.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my Christmas mini finish. I suddenly realised it isn't actually finished as it has to have red beads on too. I think turning it into an ornament seems the best idea so I will show it again when totally complete.

Well I am going to relax in front of the TV now, no stitching, oh dear. Will make up for it tomorrow.

Ginnie x


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you stitch it up.

Charlene said...

For sure you gonna have fun to stitch it.

Joei said...

Hi Ginnie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the nice comment.

I agree with you Casey B. designs are lovely. I'm sure you will have a great time stitching this one up.

Miss 376 said...

Congratulations to the girls.
What a lovely design, like the colours

Tammy said...

You have a lovely family and your photos are beautiful! Thx so much for commenting on my blog-I appreciate it! Now, I'm off to search for that hot cocoa design! :)

Hazel said...

Congrats to your dds! It is the Beatrix Potter by Needleprint which is no longer in print but Jacqueline Holdsworth put it out as a pdf file a while back so that we could buy the pattern. it is sort of a qualer sampler. xx

Annie said...

That's one of my favorite charts. I've only stitched a few of Casey's freebies, but I love them all.

And that's too funny about making kids to go with Brad and Angie! I think we'll leave that for real life.

Srinity said...

Casey B. chart looks really delicious. I can't wait to see it stitched. Congrats to your girls, it seems that they really are clever.

Loreta said...

Great choise Ginnie! I like to stitch Casey B designs and they look beautiful:) Especially Hot Cocoa Sampler:)

Redwitch said...

Please stop by my blog to pick up and award. :)

Cute chart! It's hard to wait for things in the post isn't it?

Jane said...

Great pattern, I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching this one. Thanks for your comment on my blog too!

Julie said...

Well done girls!

Pretty chart, hope it hops over the pond quickly for you

stitcherw said...

What a fun new project you ordered. I have this buried in my stash somewhere as well. Your earlier Christmas piece looked great, and you're making wonderful progress on your moms sampler and your View from the terrace piece. Congratulations to your daughters, that's wonderful they did so well.

Yuko said...

Hi Ginnie,
Thanks for sharing this lovely chart with us!
This is SO cute! I would like to have one, too!
And congratulations to your beautiful girls, they sounds so clever!!