Sunday, 10 August 2008

My Map

I completely forgot yesterday that I had been nominated again for 2 awards by extremely kind people. They were Rachel and Erica - check out their sites if you haven't already - and thank you very much for thinking of me. I'm afraid again I am going to back out of nominating, my blog roll grows weekly and I just couldn't pick one above another, I love reading them all.
So here is the latest update of my Warwickshire Map, all place names, rivers, hills, trees and boundaries are complete. All I have left to do are the little fiddly symbols for landmarks etc..

There is also the compass to go at the top left and the Warwickshire Coat of Arms to go at the bottom right. I have taken it off it's frame as it was coming undone at the bottom and pulling it out of shape, as you can see the word "Warwickshire" still looks twisted but a good pressing etc will sort that out. Here is a close up of part of the top where I have also done some of the symbols.
I hope I can finish it on it's next rotation but I think the little bits will take longer than you think. Even so it will be finished by the end of September, I am going to start Henry VIII and his Wivies then so when I return from my holidays I will look for some fabric.
So this is my last post until 19th August as we are off camping tomorrow to a site in Cornwall between Bude and Boscastle (Infamous for it bad flood a few years ago!) My mom and dad have a caravan and they have travelled down today, apparently it is very wet and doesn't look very promising for next week. We have a 6 berth tunnel type tent which is cosy but we still spend a lot of time with my parents in the van as it is a little more comfy. Never mind the weather, we will enjoy ourselves no matter what, we intend to go to The Edenproject and Tintagel where King Arthur is supposed to have lived! And of course I will get plenty of stitching done! The dog is off on his holidays too to my MiL house where he will be spoilt rotten!!
Hope everyone has a good week.
Ginnie x


Julie said...

Hi Ginnie, this is looking fantastic....Ive got the map of the entire UK to stitch've inspired me to dig it out :0)

Daffycat said...

I really like these maps and yours looks almost finished! I'll look forward to your H&W project as I've always liked that one too! One day, I'll do it myself. :o)

Have fun on your camping holiday...I hope the weater stays pleasant for you.

Julie said...

Your map looks lovely, enjoy your holiday

Srinity said...

The little symbols are really nice. Can't wait to see the map finished.

Have a great time camping. I wish for a sunny weather for you.

Miss 376 said...

A beautiful place to go on holiday. Hope you have a lovely time.
The map looks great. It's always surprising how much time the little bits take to stitch, but you are nearly there.

Tanja said...

Ginnie, enjoy your time in Cornwall, it is one of my favourite places on earth.
Just wondering if you go to the same camp site where we were a few years ago... I loved it!

Hope the weather will clear up soon, it's very unpredictable in Cornwall, so the sun might shine tomorrow!


tkdchick said...

Yay! Your Map is looking great! I can't wait for your HD!

Dani said...

I like your map ... it's turning out really well!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Do you know if there is a map of Cumbria that I could stitch?

Gill in Canada

becca said...

Wow, your map is awesome. I wished I think I'll search for a map of my state.

Hope you have lots of fun on your holiday, hope you also have lots of nice weather so you can enjoy it more. Hope to see pictures of everything when you return!

Charlene said...

Hi Ginnie, your map look fantastic. You must be having a lot of fun working on it. Congrats !!!