Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A fairy framed at last!

When I first started this blog about 18 months ago one of my first finishes was a pretty summer fairy for Laura's bedroom. But her walls were so full of photos and drawings that I stored it away until I could find a space for it! Finally a few weeks ago she had a big sort out and her walls are now less crowded...... so I finally took the fairy for framing and here is the end result.

Of course Laura now thinks she should have another fairy to go under this one in her room..... I have found another one called Moon fairy that I will add to my "To Do" list.
Last week should have been Christmas Window week on my rota, but I just didn't feel like stitching on it at the time so I continued with my Art Deco Diva as I am enjoying this one so much. In the latest issue of Cross Stitch Card Shop they have a set of six small Art Deco ladies too, so I also started one of those but have no photo of that yet.

I still have some cross stitch to do on her but have completed a lot of the back stitching so her features are more defined. I am working on my Christmas Window this week instead.
I also finally finished April..... but haven't made it up into an ornament yet, I will do that over the Easter weekend, so it will be a little late being hung up! I need to do the "May" one next...... I am determined to do all the months this year that I didn't complete last year.

The girls and Stuart all break up on Thursday for Easter holidays. I have 3 days off from Friday so I'm looking forward to the break. Laura has just had a 2 day GCSE exam for art. 5 hours each day in silence!!! I don't know how she managed that!! It is strange to think that this is the end of their last full term at school. Next exam for them is German "speaking part" just after Easter..... so lots of revision over ths hols!!
Until next time.... happy stitching...
Ginnie x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

All good!!

Not so much stitching news today but lots of good stuff to tell!
Firstly I am so proud to say that Laura got into King Edward VI Sixth Form College! You cannot imagine what an anxious Saturday morning we had, our postman is never early. She had 3 friends who had also been for interview (some got automatic places due to very high grades) and 2 of them texted her early saying they hadn't got in. This just made us even more worried. Finally at 12.45 the postman arrived and as soon as I picked up the envelope I could see the top line of the letter and I saw the word "Congratulations"...... we all shouted "yeahhh!!" Only 1 other friend got in and about 6 others in her school. I believe it is 4th in the country for A level results so no wonder it is hard to get a place, good one Laura.
Now I can say both girls are sorted and doing exactly what they want to do. Just need to get their GCSEs now, although Laura's place is not dependant on her grades although I am sure they wouldn't be happy if she failed all her exams! Becki only has to get 5 GCSEs C or above and she has 2 already!!
To make the day even better Laura's Prom dress was ready for collection, so we went and bought some shoes and collected the dress. We then invited mom and dad over for a chinese takeaway. The girl's also had a friend over but she was one of the ones who didn't get in, so we didn't celebrate too much.
As for Friday night, Becki and I had a fanastic time seeing Brian and Kristina dance. It was touch and go whether Kristina was going to turn up, they had already cancelled other shows due to health issues and she missed the train and was late arriving on Friday. But it was worth it, they danced beautifully. The whole evening was full of dancing, other couples too. Then at the end we were able to have autographs and photos taken. Here are ours -

Becki with Brian

She was so happy because he told her she had a very beautiful smile.

Me with Brian and Kristina.

There were 2 Chippendales, they served us chocolates and gave all the ladies a shoulder massage. Becki loved it!! Not sure that Stuart was too happy about it though!!!

So I have to confess I did no stitching for 2 whole days!! And after all the excitment and stress I did little on Sunday either as I was so tired! So I'm not showing a Henry photo as I only did a small amount. I did finish my latest charity square, the Bug in a Bottle, which I think is so cute. Laura reckons she wants me to do one of these Bumble Bees for her!!!

Then I have worked on my Art Deco Diva a few Wednesdays at club and also last night and here is my progress on her. I am really enjoying this one and will work on it a bit more this week before getting my Christmas Window out again. Sorry the photo doesn't do it justice, the metallic thread in the dress is lovely.

Well I have babbled on enough for one day, so until next time,

happy stitching

Ginnie x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Nearly finished

I was really hoping to get my Enchanted Mermaid finished this week, but there seemed to be more left to do than I first thought. Especially as there is a lot of back stitch and lots of beads yet to add. Anyway I had a good try and here is where I left it on Sunday night. Only a bit of the seaweed and a fish to complete in crosses. So I hope to be "happy dancing" next time.

Last Thursday we went to the girl's school to watch their Dance Show. Becki's solo was fantastic and I think she surprised a few people as she has never really shouted about her dancing skills at school and so when they saw what she could do they couldn't believe it. Even Laura danced in a group dance with Becki and 2 other friends and she was really good too. Laura used to dance with Becki too but gave up about 2 years ago. The school took some photos which they are supposed to be emailing to me...... but I am still waiting!
I had a nice Mother's Day on Sunday, the girls didn't get me a present as they don't have much money and need all they can save for Prom stuff! So they just looked after me for the day, made me drinks and lunch etc, it was lovely. I promised to show the 2 cards I had made for my mom and mom in law so here they are. I was pleased with how they turned out.

This week I should be getting Henry out again, although last night he stayed in his bag! Instead I was working on a charity square as they urgently need another few "bugs in bottles" to finish a quilt. So I am working on a Bumble Bee and need to finish it asap. I also worked on April Flip It last week but haven't taken a photo yet.
I have a very exciting Friday evening ahead of me. If you watch Strictly Come Dancing then you may know Brian Fortuna....... well I am going to see him dance. My friend Julie does Ballroom dancing and her local dance school have booked Brian and his dance partner Kristina to do a show. It will only be for about 300 people and they also let you meet them later and take photos etc. Me and Becki are going...... I also hear there may be 4 topless chippendales there feeding the ladies in the audience strawberries.... yum!! So watch out for photos next time!!
It is also this week that Laura hears if she has a place at the Sixth Form College she wants to go to. It could be Friday or Saturday so please everyone keep your fingers tightly crossed.
So until next week,
Happy stitching

Ginnie xx

Monday, 8 March 2010

Creative card making weekend.

As the title says I have had a very productive weekend and made up several cards. 4 of which were cross stitch ones and 2 decoupage ones. I will just show you the 2 thank you cards today, I also made 2 baby cards and the decoupage ones are for Mother's Day. I'll show them next time.

Sorry the light wasn't good tonight but the flash washed out the whole cards so they look a bit gloomy. They are for 2 of the girl's teachers who have been lovely, I know it is early yet but I wanted to get them stitched and finished in plenty of time of them finishing school. The designs are from an issue of Cross Stitch Card Shop and were really quick and easy to do.

I made 2 baby cards, one boy and one girl as I know of 3 people having babies this year and thought I'd do a selection to send when needed. One of which is Helen who had baby Grace last February, she is pregnant again and just found out it is going to be a boy..... so that makes her card easier!

This week has been Family Tree week too. It may not look like a lot has changed from last time but I am pleased that I have all the name boxes stitched up now and all the back stitch on the family at the bottom complete. Lots more of the green in the tree to do and the border!!

Lastly I finished another Charity Square, this time I did Eeyore. The back stitch on this was a bit of a pain but I got there in the end! Next I am doing another little fairy.

This week is Mermaid week again and I have also sorted the threads for "April" Lizzie Kate's Flip It stamp. I will need to get that finished before March is out. This Thursday the girls are performing in a Dance Show at school for Sport's Relief, Becki is performing a solo to Snow Patrols's Chasing Cars, so we are looking forward to seeing that.

Until next time, happy stitching

Ginnie x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Not much stitching progress

Well I would have posted last night but I was so tired I did hardly anything! I had a lovely Birthday on Sunday and a greal meal out with my Aunt and Uncle for their Golden Wedding Anniversary.... but it all caught up with me yesterday. I didn't even attempt any stitching so I must have been tired!

Anyway here is a Birthday photo of me and my lovely girls all dressed up and ready to go out. My top was a present of my mom and dad!! I can't believe they are nearly as tall as me!!
And here is the framed All Our Yesterday's piece I made for the Golden Wedding Anniversary. My Aunt and Uncle really liked it.
We had our last ever School Parent's Evening last Thursday and the girls had a fabulous report as normal. Laura is doing exceptionally well in History (this is the subject she wishes to focus on in college). She was top of her year in their recent mock exams and we were really pleased to hear her teacher say she thought Laura had the ability to go to Oxford University to study History. We were very impressed!! It is now only 17 days until she hears about her place at King Eds...... I am getting more nervous as I hear of more pupils also trying to get a place. I know Laura will be broken hearted if she is not accepted.... but she should be, her grades are very good.
As to any stitching last week, well I was out quite a bit so my stitching suffered. Here is what I have to show for the Christmas Window........ not much more than last time. At least you can see the cute dog emerging now! I really think this will be a 2011 Christmas finish as this rate!

Back to the Family Tree this week, if I ever stop feeling tired.... it is being a year older.... I need more sleep now I am 43!!!

Until next time.

Ginnie xx