Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A few smalls

Finally back with a few small finishes, otherwise I haven't got much to show!

Firstly I made yet another Forever Friends card for a friend of Becki's. I seem to have stitched loads of these teds recently.... I think I have had enough now! He is pretty cute though !

I have also been working on the pieces for the girl's 18th Birthday cards. Having just had some time off for Easter I got Becki's done in just a couple of days.

This one is for Laura, for her love of history. I am going to back it on some Egyptian symbols paper on the card and put a Happy Birthday in hieroglyphics. Mind you the darker orange colour of the skin was supposed to be more gold but I mis read the symbol..... by the time I noticed it was too late. Oh well I think it looks good still.

Then here is Becki's - dance related of course. The original chart had a pink ballerina and roses but Becki prefers purple, so I had to do some changing around. I like the way it has turned out.

Since my last post Becki had her audition at Bedford University and it was successful. She loved the place and the course and is now happy to be going here and feels it is the right place for her. It won't be as intensive as a dance school but you get the same degree at the end of it. I also think it will be better for Becki as she has struggled with keeping weight on since dancing at college and has lost over 1 stone since she was 16 and I would have worried more if she was dancing 9 - 6 at a dance school. Now at the uni she will do more theory as well which will open up other options. I am glad she is happy and sorted.

Laura has now been offered her accommodation at Nottingham for the first year and will be living in Willoughby Hall... sounds good and seems ok although we didn't look at this Hall when we visited, so aiming to go again after exams.

I have no idea what I will do with out them..... more stitching I suppose !!!

Happy Stitching

Ginnie xx