Friday, 25 January 2013

25th Jan

Lovely to see I have 4 comments already from my earlier post saying "I am back" nice to know I was missed !
Since my last posting in May '12 things have changed a lot here as both daughters are now settled and happy away at university. Although it did seem odd at first I have got used to them being away and enjoy my free evenings to stitch. Luckily we chat everyday thanks to the internet and they come home every 3 to 4 weeks, or we go and visit them.
At Christmas I looked back at my stitching for the year and it was very poor show ! So I decided to work harder in 2013 and work on one larger piece a week in a rota like I used to.
So here are my 4 pieces in my rota -
This one is Pension Day, I am actually working on this at the moment so this is how it started on Monday. I will update again after Sunday's final stitch.

This is Poppy Pixie, a Nora Corbett design.
This one hasn't got much to show yet!


This one is Rome Lady. I mentioned this last year and was aiming to do it for Laura. But she went to Pompeii instead of Rome so I am saving this for when she does go to Rome !

This one is my new start, from.the christmas World of Cross Stitch.magazine. 1920s Christmas scene. I am loving this!

Hope these show ok on my blog because it has been a pain putting the photos on and adding the text, this part has changed since I blogged last year !

Happy Stitching
Ginnie xxx

I am coming back to blogland

I miss blogging and miss having somewhere to post my progress on my stitching.
So I will return and post some WIP photos at the weekend !
I have gone back to my 4 pieces rota, one a week and I think I work better like that.
This weekend will end my first set of 4 weeks so need to show progress !!

Ginnie xx