Sunday, 20 December 2009

Couple of stitchy things

Well I am finally having a few minutes to myself and thought I'd update my blog. Thanks so much for the nice messages for Becki on my last mini posting. Sadly it us still continuing as most of the bitching is being done on Facebook (how cowardly) but everything they write I am copy and pasting into a word document and will use it if I have to go into school and report them. Most of it is just nit picking etc but it isn't nice to be on the receiving end of it. One of them said she would have "no friends" funny then that in 2 days she hasn't stopped visiting all her "out of school" friends and is at the moment out with loads of her dancing friends having a chinese meal. I think a lot of it is jealously.... but I do wish I would just stop !!
Anyway I'll stop moaning on and show you a couple of my stitching WIPs.
Here is Robert Pattinson (Twilight actor if you don't know!) I thought I would hate doing another of these "Stitch a Star" but I am really enjoying it! I would still like to do the one of David Tennant for myself.... maybe next year!

I am also working on "January" Flip it, which I must get finished over Christmas! I don't break up from work until Christmas Eve but then am off until January 4th.... so lots of stitching time!

I have also been working on Henry !! Yeah. I'll have to show you that next time as I haven't taken a photo.

My "finished" list is looking good.... hopefully I'll add the above 2 on aswell before Jan 1st. I am planning my 2010 stitching too and will let you know my ideas before the end of the year.

Tomorrow I am working just half a day and then we are going into Birmingham to the German Christmas Market. We had better wrap up warm as we are having a very cold spell here at the moment..... we even have a bit of snow.

Anyway I'll try to post again before Christmas... so until then

Happy stitching.

Ginnie xx

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I will be back!

Hi all
Just to let you know I am still around and will make a stitching posting soon..... but just haven't got around to it yet. I am at work at the moment and have a Christmas Fayre tonight at the girl's school, so doubt if I'll post properly until the weekend. I am abit annoyed today as they have blocked some of our access to the Internet at work (well Head Office in Kansas have) so I can't get on Facebook anymore. I know why they do it but somedays my work is very quiet and I go on when I have nothing to do.... so now how do I get the day to go quickly..... more stitching and reading at my desk I think!
We have had a tough week with the girls, Becki especially as she has 2/3 so called friends who have been bitching about her and upsetting her. She doesn't really know what she has done..... and this then upsets Laura as she is very protective of her sister. Luckily they have just a term and half to go before they leave. Parenting is hard at times because what can I do? Nothing really!
Will show Robert Pattinson stitching on my next post, it is progressing well. I am looking forward to my time off at Christmas to do lots of stitching.
Ginnie x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Just a bit of stitching

Last week I seemed to lose my stitching mojo a bit! Which was a shame because I don't lose it very often! I think it has come back already this week....yeah!
Mind you I had a busy few days which left me tired and so you don't tend to feel like stitching then. Thursday night I went out with my firend Aly, Friday I had the day off and went Christmas shopping with my mom, Saturday I went shopping again but with the girls and Sunday we put the tree and decorations up.
So I had 4 days of no stitching ! So here is what I managed to sort before then! Firstly here is a photo of all of my decorations, complete and ready to post. Just moms that is missing because she has claimed that already. I hope all my family like them!

Christmas is Forever is now fully framed too and hanging in the lounge opposite the Christmas Tree. Sorry the photo isn't the best, the glass is reflecting the light.

So far this week I have worked on my Robert Pattinson Stitch a Star and my Enchanted Mermaid. Although I said no new starts in December I have remembered I want to start an "All our Yesterdays" for my Aunt and Uncle's Golden Wedding in February '10. So I may start that soon as I don't want to rush at the end.

Lastly I'd like to share some dancing photos with you of my darling Becki. These were the ones taken at the Dress Rehearsal of her show back in November, we had the disc come at the weekend with over 2000 photos on (not just Becki obviously) These 3 are my favourite of many great ones. (If you are my friend on Facebook I have put more of them on there)

This is her tap dance to Let it Snow.

This is her on full ballet pointes dancing to Love reign over me... which was beautiful.

And our all time favourite -

Becki doing a fab jump to "Fame" it looks so good in black and white with the dry ice in the back ground. How does she get her leg that high??? Can't wait for the DVD to arrive now to watch the whole show again!

Anyway back to stitching Robert and drinking my cup of tea.

Ginnie x