Wednesday, 6 November 2013

About time I posted again !

I have had a lot of nagging from friends on Facebook asking when I am going to blog again...... so tonight I thought I would get around to it.
I can't promise I will be a regular again though ! But I will try harder.
So my last post was February, since then not much has changed. I still work for the same company but we moved offices in July and now I work about 7 minutes away - it is great !
My family are all doing well, the girls are now in their 2nd year of university and still loving it and doing very well. Laura is currently in Verona with her classics society, she visits Venice on Friday then back Saturday. I speak to them via email or text daily but don't see them as often as I would like. Next visit is the end of November, but I am getting used to it and they are happy. They both have their own rented houses now and enjoy their independence.
Here's 2 of the latest pictures I could find of them. (Laura left Becki right)

As for stitching I have been doing lots of Christmas stuff over the last month and nearly have all my cards done. But my biggest finish was the Medieval Lady by Joan Elliot. This one is for Laura and now I am doing the Victorian Lady for Becki.
So here's some of my finishes -

The cupcake cards are for the girls, Becki is an amazing cup cake maker and Laura enjoys sampling them ! So cakes seemed a good theme this year. Working on a "Christmas Carol Tiny Tim" one for Stuart, which I will show next time.
Anyway until next time - happy stitching
Ginnie xx