Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Family Tree complete

Well I actually did it.... I completed my Family Tree piece before the end of August, in fact I finished on the 28th !
Here it is in its full glory -

Sorry I still don't know how to make the photo 'clickable' for a close up, but it is in my Facebook photo album too if you are a friend on there!
Just need to get it framed now, may wait until payday again now later in the month as it is quite big and will therefore be a little costly.... but it has to be framed !
Now I have an empty stitchng frame.... I think I will start the Nora Corbett Poppy Pixie I had for Christmas.

Ginnie x

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Some stitching at last

Finally I have my stitching updates! It has gone so cold here my fingers are freezing and I am trying to type! Typical UK weather....arh!
So firstly here's my Spanish couple for the special quilt at SFCSFP group. After doing the majority of this while on holiday I finally finished it last night. I really enjoyed it too.
I also worked on my AOY while away and here's the progress. It is looking very sweet. Just the other girl on the left to complete then lots of background etc.
These final two I actually finished before my hols, they are another 2 squares for my charity group. The H is from the Fairy Tales alphabet that I have done a couple of letters for already.
And Mr Greedy is one of four Mr Men I am going to do.
I have set myself a deadline for my Family Tree piece as it is almost done. I am going to finish it by the end of August. I am not far off and should have no problems attaining this goal! So my next post should have the finished piece to show.
The girls got their GCSE results on Tuesday and did very well. Becki was very happy as she exceeded her expectations but Laura was a bit disappointed as she was predicted a couple of As that she ended up with Bs for. One of which was her History which is her favourite subject. We are going to check how close she was to the A grade as you can request a re mark which in many cases they find a couple more marks and this will up your grade. Mind you school said to phone today to check this out and surprise surprise no one is answering the phone! Luckily this doesn't effect her college place.
Becki also started her English Youth Ballet auditions yesterday, so far they are going well, although a lot of hard work. We are really looking forward to seeing it now.
Anyway until next time.
Ginnie xx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Holiday snaps

Hi all, I am back from Spain and thought I'd share a few photos with you. We sailed with P&O from Portsmouth to Bilbao which takes around 30 hrs, this was ok but a little boring after a while. We then stayed at a campsite called Playa Joyel at Noja in Northern Spain. It was lovely, the caravan was right by the sand dunes just a short walk to the beach. The weather there is a bit more varied then further south and we had a little rain and cloud but in between lots of lovely sun!
Girls outside van - and view of Isla a small village across the bay.
The lovely beach one evening (and my long shadow!)
The girls in the sea - which wasn't too cold!
Low tide, lots of small pools along beach
A bit of sunbathing !!
Me cross stitching in the sunshine (oh what a lovely place to stitch!)
The girls over at Isla with the view back to where we were staying.
Me and the girls on the boat at Bilbao.
I did plenty of stitching but haven't taken any photos yet. I have been working on a lovely Spanish couple for my stitching charity group, which is almost complete. I also worked on my AOY a lot and am pleased with the progess on that.
Next posting I promise to have stitching to show.
Have a good weekend
Ginnie x

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Just a quick posting to say "adios" as we are off on holiday to Spain today.
I haven't done a huge amount of stitching over the last week so I hope to make up for that while we are away. My stitching bag is fully packed and bursting at the seams !!

Be back soon

Ginnie xxx