Monday, 30 November 2009

As promised on my last post here are the cushions for the girls. They are now all wrapped up and ready for going under the tree (well when the tree is up!)
This is Becki's Ballerina and also the back of the cushion to show the lovely fabric I had.

Then here is Laura's Tigger cushion. This was hand stitched onto a cushion I had bought from the shop.
This past week I have finished the last 2 ornaments I wanted to stitch. Here is the one that is for one of my Aunt and Uncles. I have just a bit more hand sewing to do on the last one so I'll show that next time.

I am still working on my LK Christmas is Forever, that is nearly finished so again I'll show that soon. Otherwise that is it for my Christmas stitching. Sadly Henry didn't make it out..... but I have decided December is a "Free for all" stitching wise. I did this last year and abandoned the rota and just stitched on whatever took my fancy. I want to get some more charity squares done before the end of the year as I haven't done many recently. On Saturday I finished one and have started another today. My only rules for December are NO new starts until January except with charity squares. Although I had another little start at the weekend....... Robert Pattinson "Stitch a Star"... but that doesn't count as it was still November!

Lastly here is my hand-made Advent Calendar all set up and full of chocolates ready for Dec 1st tomorrow. I am so glad I finally got around to stitching this and the girls are looking forward to munching on their first gifts tomorrow.

Happy December everyone!!!
Ginnie xx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas stuff!

I seem to have worked on lots of bits and pieces again this week, although it was still as hectic as the previous few weeks. This coming week should definitely be quieter!
For Stuart's birthday we went to the cinema to see A Christmas Carol, in 3D. It was very good and although I felt stupid in those plastic glasses the effect was brilliant. The girls also went to the cinema that night to see New Moon.... we weren't allowed to go to the same cinema as them! Good job we have 2 big cinemas near by!
Becki has heard back off Halesowen College and has an audition and interview on the 12th Jan... so she is very excited. Laura's application has been submitted..... just got to wait now.
So to stitching, I have made some good progress on my LK Christmas is Forever. I am going to continue working on this until it's done now.

I have also completed 2 more ornaments. The Lickle Ted one is for our tree and the reindeer one is for my MIL.

Lastly I have some decoupage cards to show. I am working on these at the moment, here are the 3 I have finished. The Popcorn Teddy one is for my Aunt.

Then Tigger is for Laura and Winnie the Pooh with Piglet is for Becki. Doesn't matter how old they are I know they love Disney!!

I have also made up the girls cushions, but they are on top of my wardrobe to wrap up for Christmas. I will try to photo them tomorrow when they are at school.

Although Henry is on my rota this week I want to work on Chrismas things still. I have 2 more ornaments I want to make. So Henry may only have a brief outing!

Until next time - happy stitching.

Ginnie x

Monday, 16 November 2009

Small progress

Another week has gone by... and I don't feel I have a lot to show you this week.
We went to visit Halesowen College on Tuesday for Becki, they do the Dance BTEC National course that she is interested in. She really liked the college and the course and has applied for a place there next year. She has to have an audition but they tell you on the same day if you have got in! Then on Thursday we visited Stourbridge College which is going to be Laura's second choice if she doesn't get a place at King Edwards' Sixth Form College. So that was 2 days of no stitching!!
On Wednesday this week it is Stuart's birthday so I thought I would make him some cards. As he was at a league meeting on Saturday I spent the day working on those. Firstly I made a decoupage card for him off the girls.
Secondly I cross stitched a letter S for him off me. I am pleased with the way they have turned out considering I did them both in just one day!
I have also been trying to do some of my Family Tree, you can see the people emerging on this side now. Slowly but surely on this one!
Lastly I worked on My Needle's Work, she now has 2 arms and half a head!!
I am thinking it is getting very close to Christmas and I may have to abandon my rota to get all the things I want to get stitched for Christmas. I have made very few stitched cards this year but I do want to make some more ornaments for people in my family and I have 2 cushions to make up for the girls - the Ballerina one and Tigger one. This week I am working on the Lizzie Kate Christmas one so I'll try to get as much done as possible, I think I have less of a busy week than recently.
Until next week.
Ginnie x

Monday, 9 November 2009

2 finishes and an exciting weekend.

As usual I have had a busy few days but have managed to clock up 2 finishes aswell.
I'll start with my stitching I didn't get much of my Mermaid done in the end so I won't show any photos of that. I decided instead to get Ballerina and Spring Cushion finished as they were so close to completion.
So here is the Ballerina, I love it now it is done as the colours seem to work well after my initial doubts. This is to be made into a cushion for Becki.

Then here is my Spring cushion, in plenty of time for next Spring!! The colours in this are so pretty. I have all four seasons to do so will start on Summer next but probably not until the New Year.

Now to my busy weekend...... firstly on Friday I went to see The Rocky Horror show with my dear friend Steve. We have seen this many times before in the 1980s and early 90s but this was our first trip for many, many years!! I still wanted to dress up.... I wore my fishnets but they aren't in the photo!!! It was so great, the show was fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing. Here is a photo of Steve and me before we left and then under that is a photo from 1986/7 before one of the first shows we went too! Fun times.

To finish off my great week it was Becki's dance show. I went with her to the dress rehearsal on Saturday then the whole family went to watch on Sunday afternoon. She was in 9 dances in total, 2 with the younger children she teaches and the rest with her own class. She was fantastic, we were all so proud of her. I have no photos yet as a professional photographer was hired to take loads of shots and we'll have copies in a few weeks. She was even more thrilled when for the Finale she was chosen to be on the front row as one of the stars. Needless to say today she is exhausted.

Happy stitching.

Ginnie x

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Busy, busy.

I have been a busy bee over the last few days. Stuart got to Poland safely on Friday but the silly thing left his mobile phone charging in the kitchen. So I have only heard from him twice. I am just checking "flight stats" web page now see if his flight has landed at Luton yet.... should be any time now. It'll be good to have him back.
So on Wednesday we bought 2 prom dresses, well put the deposits on 2. Thank goodness my MIL has given us some money towards them because they were SO expensive, but the girls looked fantastic in them and I couldn't say no! Mind you that night I felt really ill, Stuart said it was the thought of spending so much money! I have suffered for years with indigestion/heartburn/acid reflux but haven't been too bad over the last 12 months or so but on Wednesday evening it returned! I was doubled up in pain for hours, it was horrid. I've still had it on and off over the last few days and my stomach is hurting again now but I am trying to ignore it!!
In spite of that I have made lots of stitchy progress, both by hand and machine! Firstly here is a Lickle Ted piece that was free with Card Shop magazine last month, isn't he cute?
Then here is Carl and Jane's Christmas ornament all finished. Looks great with the white cording.
On Saturday I wanted to make a bag for Stuart as a little extra Christmas present. He has an allotment now and was complaining that he had nowhere to keep his seed packets...... so now he has. The design is a Lizzie Kate one. It took me ages because I wanted to finish it just right, the design is on a patch pocket. I just want to add a press stud on the top so his seeds don't fall out!!

And finally here is Henry. I am very pleased with my progress on him this week, I finished the tiny bit of Henry that was needed and have also finished all of Anne of Cleves. I am working on Catherine Howard's dress next, may take a bit longer as more is on show. This will be so special when it is done.

Next week it is back to The Enchanted Mermaid, although I have another busy week ahead! On Friday night I am off to see The Rocky Horror Show at the theatre!! Then Becki has her dance show all weekend, I go and watch the dress rehearsal on the Saturday then we have tickets to watch on the Sunday afternoon. Becki is in 9 dances so we have to sort her costume rota out!!! Normally there is one quick change in the wings!! I'll post more on that after the show.... I am so looking forward to seeing her dance.

Until next time.

Ginnie x