Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A quick look at Henry

I have my first update on Henry and his wives...... now don't get too excited as it is only day 2. I started it last night and soon discovered I was 8 DMC thread colours short..... So ordered them today. I decided to start on Henry himself.... his bottom half!! So here is the bottom of his grey/blue tunic and the start of his red cloak. You can also make out one flesh coloured hand! The bit of grey down the bottom left is part of his leg.

I thought as it was on 18ct aida I may struggle to see it at night but it has been ok so far, my only hinderance has been how tired I am. Stuart still has a really bad cough which is keeping us both awake at night..... so I feel a bit like a zombie at the moment. Luckily my cold didn't get any worse. I hope I get a better nights sleep tonight.
This morning I took my mom her cushion present (wrapped) and card around ready for her birthday tomorrow. She wasn't expecting a present as I have said we will go shopping soon for her to pick something she wants. She said "I thought you hadn't bought me anything" I said "I haven't!" that confused her..... can't wait to see her reaction when she opens it.
Tomorrow evening at club I intend to take one of my Christmas gifts, I think I'll start my bookmark for my Auntie.

Ginnie x

Sunday, 28 September 2008

D half done

I am feeling a bit rough today, I have finally come down with the cold that everyone else in the family has had. Stuart has been ill all week and has a horrid cough now that is driving us all mad! I don't seem too bad, just a bit sniffly and tired.
I got lots done around the house yesterday, we sorted the garage, had a trip to the tip, sorted the garden, changed the bed covers and turned the mattress!!! etc etc... I even managed to stitch! This afternoon I got to the bottom of the chart instructions on D for Dancer, so it is half done. On my next rota I think I can finish the top half - then it is just the edge and the finishing!!
Here is the result - only just all in the picture and the dragonfly is back in it's bag for safe keeping!

I have also completed the Golden Wedding Anniversary card for my parents to take to a party next week for some old friends of theirs. It is a simple design but looks nice.

In between stitching D I finished my "Spooks" piece. I think it turned out a lot neater than my first attempt, I just want to thread some cotton through to make a small hanger and then it can hang up for Halloween. I am now working on a small Halloween scissor fob - will show you next time.

I think tonight I may get my Warwicksire Map out!! Then next week it is HENRY..... yeah.. I can't wait to stitch on this I seem to have been waiting to start it forever.

I will update you in a few days and let you know who I am sending the Pooh chart to.

Ginnie x

Friday, 26 September 2008

Been buying again! but have a small giveaway!

I had a nice delivery yesterday, but it is ok none of it is for me.... they are all going to be gifts for friends and family. I ordered them from Sewandso.
Firstly, as Christmas gifts to make I bought a coaster kit (framecraft) with poppies and a butterfly on for my mother in law. Then I bought a handbag mirror (also Framecraft) for my mom with a lovely red rose on, oh but it is stitched on 22 count.... my poor eyes! Then I bought a bookmark (Royal Paris) for my Auntie, this has lilies on and is sewn on plastic canvas. Lastly I bought the Bent Creek chart "I Do" to stitch for our friend's daughter Helen, who gets married next summer. I have been looking for a while for a nice chart, I didn't want anything too cutsie or religious so when I saw this I thought it was nice and simple. I hope you all agree I have made a good choice on this! So I am going to be busier than ever before Christmas, I think my rota will have to go on hold nearer the date to get these done. The wedding one though will wait until the new year.
Sewandso very kindly sent me a free Winnie the Pooh chart aswell, which was very nice of them. (see below) But I don't think I will ever get around to stitching this. I love Winnie the Pooh stuff and completed a large ABC one when the girls were little which is now stored away as the girls out grew it. So I have decided to hold a little "giveaway".... if anyone of my readers out there think they can put more use to the chart than me then please email me or leave a comment. If more than one person would like it I'll hold a draw. If you can do this before Monday I can then get it posted out at the beginning of next week. I hope I can find a nice home for it.

By the way the Open Evening at the school went very well, thanks for everyones good wishes. I think we got through a record number of teas, coffees and squash. I didn't get home until after 9pm and was shattered after being on my feet all evening. I missed my club on Wednesday but spent the evening working on D for Dancer. I think it is looking great, I especially love the little ballerina dancer. I had to put 3 teeny tiny beads on this morning... of course I dropped one.... can't find it anywhere!!! Good job there are spare ones!! For the photo I have placed the dragonfly charm on but it is not attached yet. Colours look a little washed out on this today but I think that is just the light! The dancer is more pink on top than that!

Can't believe it is Friday night already, this week has flown by. I think I am going to work on some more little Christmas motifs for cards tonight, I started a little penguin earlier in the week and I think I'm in the mood to work on him first.....

Ginnie x

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I won't have much time for stitching tonight as I have to go out in an hour. As most of you know I help out a lot at the girl's school. Tonight is Open Night for prospective new pupils so I am helping with refreshments.
Here are my updates, firstly Family Tree -

Hope you can see some progress! I worked on it quite a bit but it is still growing slowly! You can see the beginnings of a little house and lady on the left! Also the border is progressing well on the left. Still plenty of tree to do on both sides.

Now to D for Dancer, this is how I left it last night -

I have just done the "detached chain stitch" to make the daisies. Next is some more cross stitch - the dancer, the dog etc. I am also supposed to attach the dragonfly charm below this but as it is on a roller frame I will have to leave that until last.

Anyway must dash.... got to eat before I go...

Ginnie x

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Super weekend

What a lovely weekend it has been. The weather has been really nice and sunny.
Yesterday we went to see The Nutcracker at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton, it was fantastic. It was by the English Youth Ballet and they had 100 local young performers in it. Becky's friend, Zoe was a "sugar flower" it was exciting to see someone you know on the stage. Becky wished she had auditoned for it too but they were back in February and she didn't know about it! This is a picture of the Nutcracker Prince and the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Last night we had a fish and chip supper and watched the TV! I only got a little bit of stitching done but never mind I had a lovely day.
Today I finally finished the cushion for my mom, I didn't get the pad until Friday so I knew I wouldn't complete it until today. This was a first for me, I have made basic cushions but not ones like this. I am pleased to say I am really happy with how it has turned out and I can't wait to see what my mom thinks. Here is the finished article!

I have been working on my Family Tree too, I will continue tonight with this then move on next week to week 2 of my rota - D for Dancer. I am also inspired to start my "Mill Hill" Sugar Plum Fairy after going to the ballet so I may start that too.

Hope every one else has had a good weekend too.

Ginnie x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Blackwork Angel

Not much to show today! I am still waiting for the cushion pad I ordered to arrive so I can complete my cushion for Mom. Hopefully that will be here soon and I can post a completed picture at the weekend.
I have been busy stitching on my Family Tree but will also update you with that over the weekend. I was very tired last night and didn't do as much as I had hoped but I have been enjoying working on the Tree again this week.
At Stitching Club tonight I decided to do another Blackwork piece to match my Christmas Tree I stitched last week. Here she is -

I have enjoyed these little pieces, I may do the bell next!!! They are nice and quick to complete also!

I should have plenty of time over the weekend to stitch as Stuart is away from home, it is the British American Football finals in Doncaster that his team - Redditch Arrows - are playing in. I am taking my mom and the girls to see The Nutcracker Ballet, much more exciting!!!!

Ginnie x

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Busy cushion making

My Mom's Sampler is complete!! I have been busy hand sewing today making it up into a cushion cover. I do have a sewing machine but it lives at mom and dad's house, and I couldn't think of an excuse to bring it here without telling mom about the cushion!!! So I have done all of the front just the back now to stitch, I don't want to add a zip so I am making a flap at the back.
Here it is yesterday as the stitching part was complete along with the green fabric I am using to make it into a cover. I have very little fabric so was lucky to find a good match with the green of the border!
Hopefully in the week when it is a complete cushion I will post another picture.

Do you remember "Cup of Cheer"? Well I was going to make it into either a tea cozy cover or put it around a box to keep my tea bags in...... but instead I just made it into a little ornament and I have it hanging by my tray in the kitchen with my tea making stuff on. I backed it onto a piece of card and then added the blue cord, again this was a first for me. It went ok but if you look closely it isn't very straight!!

Lastly I have also completed my first little Halloween piece. It is a freebie from RainbowGallery. I only just had enough aida as I seem to have miss counted my stitch size, I know I cut this just before our holidays as I was going to get Laura to have a go at stitching it while we were away.... must have not been concentrating! Never mind, I will make it into a little ornament like the one above, the cord will just be very close to the stitching!!!

I put my Henry VIII fabric onto the frame in the week and couldn't resist doing just a tiny bit!! I did part of his hand! It has gone away now until it has it's turn on my rota - here's the next 4 weeks -

  1. Family Tree
  2. D for Dancer
  3. Henry VIII (& Warwickshire Map)
  4. Dusky Dreams & possibly start Pirate's Creed

I must also make a Golden Wedding Anniversary card for some friends of my parents before the weekend of 4th October but I have a chart already for this which I have stitched before so it shouldn't take long, I will begin it next week.

Ginnie x

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

A couple of updates

Just a quick update tonight as I have just returned from my Craft Club and it is getting late and I want to get a bit more stitching in before bed!!
Here is Mom's Sampler, nearly there, next time you see this it'll be done! The colours don't look as good tonight as the light is poor, I will take a better one when it's done in natural sunlight. I have ordered a small cushion pad to insert in the completed cushion, just need to make the cover now!!

I have also been stitching a little bit of Dusky Dreams. The beads arrived yesterday,as you can see they are similar shades to the cottons. Again the light is poor on this picture as I have taken it tonight, the pink is a bit darker than it looks similar to the pink of the beads. I am loving doing this one it'll be very pretty.

The postman has been kind this week, he bought my Summer Row chart, my beads and today he bought my Sue Hillis design - Pirates Creed. I have tucked it away for now until Mom's Sampler is out of the way but I would like to get it done for Becky for Christmas. I am not allowed to buy any more charts now for a while..... promise!

Ginnie x

Sunday, 7 September 2008

New header

As you may have noticed I have changed my header to my blog! These lovely red roses are in my garden! and it's my picture!! Sadly the writing doesn't stand out so well now! I have also updated my photos of the girls, they both came down this morning looking lovely, so grown up so I had to take another photo. They are the ones in my side bar.
On the stitching front I have worked on Mom's sampler a bit more and have chosen some green fabric that matches the green border to make it up into a cushion. I have set aside next week on my rota to completely finish it and start making it up. I will update over the next few days.
With my Warwickshire Map I have been less enthusiastic! I have done a little bit but no where near as much as I wanted. I have made a decision that next time round I will start Henry VIII but I will continue to try to do just the odd symbol or two on the Map weekly so it will get done eventually!!
Last night I decided to start another little Christmas motif. This is a blackwork Christmas Tree out of the current "Cross Stitch Card Shop" magazine. I finished today and I love it. There is an angel, a bell, holly and snowflakes also I may do the angel next! I will mount it on silver.
I also have a new small project that I have kitted up (nearly) to start soon. It is out of Cross Stitcher magazine issue 201 a couple of months ago. It is called Dusky Dreams by Tournicoton. I love the pinks and browns, in fact with cream these are the only thread colours. It involves several different sorts of stitches and some lovely pink, brown and cream beads (which I have ordered). I'm really looking forward to doing this one and I intend to frame it myself and hang it in our lounge as that is decorated in browns!

Well I think I'll go and make me a cup of tea before I stitch, I am going to spend a little time on the map and may then start another blackwork motif.

Ginnie x

Friday, 5 September 2008

Back to school week

It seems to have been a long week, Stuart was back at school Monday but the girls didn't return until Wednesday. This meant a change of routine again and early mornings. So tonight I am pretty tired!! I always like to take a photo on theri first day of term and this is one of this years!! I can't believe they are entering Year 10 and have only 2 years of compulsory schooling left!
I ordered the "Pirates" chart off eBay the other day, while I was browsing I saw a Bent Creek Row chart - Summer Row - with no bids at 99p, so I made a bid and won!! I will save this to do after Christmas in the hope that we have a summer next year. The weather here this week has been awful, so much rain. I have even put the heating on for a while tonight as I was just sooo cold!
I also had another buy earlier this week - see below
Laura and I saw this book in a local shop a few weeks ago and it had some lovely designs in it. The one on the front is gorgeous and there are lots of little fairies, which Laura said she'd like to have a go at stitching one! But it was £12.99 in the shop and I didn't fancy spending that much so when I got home I checked on Amazon and managed to pick up a second hand copy for just under £5 (including postage) As you can see from the picture it is in excellent condition. Not sure which design to start first!!
As for any stitching over the last few days, well I have managed to do some of my Warwickshire Map but the symbols are so fiddly, lots of colour changes, lots of back stitching etc and I have to look at 2 charts at a time to stitch them. So progress has been slow but I have done some. I will update you with a photo at the weekend.
I have still been getting my "Christmas Wish" stitching out occasionally and here is an update on that.
I'm going to continue on my Mom's Sampler tonight but I may not get very far as I think I may be asleep early......
Ginnie x

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Progress and Pirates

I have spent a little time hand sewing.... urmmm not my best work. I decided to get the two Christmas ornaments made up as my mom had bought me some red fabric. I started with "Joy" but it wasn't much joy to do! Firstly when I had stitched all around the edges I realised I had stitched in the ribbon on the inside..... secondly in places the material at the back is gathered up a bit and lastly it was fiddly doing it that shape!!! Ornament number 2 was much easier, nice and square with the ribbon sewn in correctly. They don't look too bad on the photo I suppose.
I am supposed to be working on my Warwickshire Map again this week, but last night I was enjoying stitching mom's sampler so much that I decided to continue. So tonight I will get the map out. I had a bit of trouble with the cat (he is nearly done now) as I ended up missing a dark brown stitch somewhere that threw me out of line, but I managed to alter it slightly so that it looks ok. I also worked on the border and some of the wording. I want to get this finished by the end of next week so I can spend 2 weeks making it into a cushion - that could be interesting!
While browsing the internet over the weekend I found another "want". It is Pirate's Creed by Sue Hillis. I love the saying on it. Becky is keen on pirate stuff (yes an odd combination with her love of ballet and dance!) and she has several pirate/skull and cross bone things up in her room, so I want to do it for her. Sadly I can't find a UK shop selling it at the moment, although I have spotted one on Ebay for not a bad price (will have to come from the USA) So I think I may be making a purchase over the next few days. I love some of Sue Hillis's other designs too I must restrain myself to only buy one as my "To do" list will be never ending!

Well I have to go and clean the bathroom before I stitch tonight, we are having a new loo fitted tomorrow as our old one has a large crack in the base..... which could result in a nasty incident..... I am still trying to track down who was responsible for jumping on the loo!!!

Happy stitching

Ginnie x