Sunday, 14 September 2008

Busy cushion making

My Mom's Sampler is complete!! I have been busy hand sewing today making it up into a cushion cover. I do have a sewing machine but it lives at mom and dad's house, and I couldn't think of an excuse to bring it here without telling mom about the cushion!!! So I have done all of the front just the back now to stitch, I don't want to add a zip so I am making a flap at the back.
Here it is yesterday as the stitching part was complete along with the green fabric I am using to make it into a cover. I have very little fabric so was lucky to find a good match with the green of the border!
Hopefully in the week when it is a complete cushion I will post another picture.

Do you remember "Cup of Cheer"? Well I was going to make it into either a tea cozy cover or put it around a box to keep my tea bags in...... but instead I just made it into a little ornament and I have it hanging by my tray in the kitchen with my tea making stuff on. I backed it onto a piece of card and then added the blue cord, again this was a first for me. It went ok but if you look closely it isn't very straight!!

Lastly I have also completed my first little Halloween piece. It is a freebie from RainbowGallery. I only just had enough aida as I seem to have miss counted my stitch size, I know I cut this just before our holidays as I was going to get Laura to have a go at stitching it while we were away.... must have not been concentrating! Never mind, I will make it into a little ornament like the one above, the cord will just be very close to the stitching!!!

I put my Henry VIII fabric onto the frame in the week and couldn't resist doing just a tiny bit!! I did part of his hand! It has gone away now until it has it's turn on my rota - here's the next 4 weeks -

  1. Family Tree
  2. D for Dancer
  3. Henry VIII (& Warwickshire Map)
  4. Dusky Dreams & possibly start Pirate's Creed

I must also make a Golden Wedding Anniversary card for some friends of my parents before the weekend of 4th October but I have a chart already for this which I have stitched before so it shouldn't take long, I will begin it next week.

Ginnie x


Ranae said...

Your mum is going to cherish it, I bet.
You did a fab job on Cup of Tea.
And I adore your little halloween finish too.
Good Luck! with the rota.

Erica said...

That green fabric is just perfect!
You couldn't have done better if you owned a fabric store! Can't wait to see it finished!

Julie said...

Cup of cheer looks lovely. I think we have all stitched close to the edge of fabric before.
The fabric is lovely for mums cushion, i'm looking forward to seeing it all finished, its been lovely to watch this one grow.

Miss 376 said...

Knew it wouldn't be long before you started him! The fabric is a lovely match to the border, can't wait to see the pictures later in the week

stitcherw said...

You've been quite busy. The sampler for your mother is lovely, she'll love the pillow you're making it into. Your Cup of Cheer turned out very cute too, what a fun one to put near your tea supplies. Glad you had enough fabric for Spooks, it will make an adorable ornament.

Angela said...

That green fabric will look wonderful for the stitching, can't wait to see the finished cushion!

Tracy said...

Wow, you are quite busy! Can't wait to see the finished cushion...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cushion so far.

Love the halloween piece.

Carla said...

So many happy dances :)Congratulation !!
Can't wait to see a pic of your mom's cushion :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Congrats the finish is wonderful. Your Mom will be so surprised. CJ(ok;-)

Shell said...

the fabric looks a good match,you have done some great stitching.

Lelia said...

The sampler is awesome (one you stitched for your Mom) -- and should make a great cushion cover. I don't own a sewing machine & appreciate the time you are taking for doing it all by hand.

The halloween freebie & cup of cheer are great, too!
Stitch well & enjoy all the projects in your rotation
Stitch well : )

Charlene said...

You really busy with your stitching. The Cup of Tea look great. Looking forward to see your finishing cushion.