Friday, 26 September 2008

Been buying again! but have a small giveaway!

I had a nice delivery yesterday, but it is ok none of it is for me.... they are all going to be gifts for friends and family. I ordered them from Sewandso.
Firstly, as Christmas gifts to make I bought a coaster kit (framecraft) with poppies and a butterfly on for my mother in law. Then I bought a handbag mirror (also Framecraft) for my mom with a lovely red rose on, oh but it is stitched on 22 count.... my poor eyes! Then I bought a bookmark (Royal Paris) for my Auntie, this has lilies on and is sewn on plastic canvas. Lastly I bought the Bent Creek chart "I Do" to stitch for our friend's daughter Helen, who gets married next summer. I have been looking for a while for a nice chart, I didn't want anything too cutsie or religious so when I saw this I thought it was nice and simple. I hope you all agree I have made a good choice on this! So I am going to be busier than ever before Christmas, I think my rota will have to go on hold nearer the date to get these done. The wedding one though will wait until the new year.
Sewandso very kindly sent me a free Winnie the Pooh chart aswell, which was very nice of them. (see below) But I don't think I will ever get around to stitching this. I love Winnie the Pooh stuff and completed a large ABC one when the girls were little which is now stored away as the girls out grew it. So I have decided to hold a little "giveaway".... if anyone of my readers out there think they can put more use to the chart than me then please email me or leave a comment. If more than one person would like it I'll hold a draw. If you can do this before Monday I can then get it posted out at the beginning of next week. I hope I can find a nice home for it.

By the way the Open Evening at the school went very well, thanks for everyones good wishes. I think we got through a record number of teas, coffees and squash. I didn't get home until after 9pm and was shattered after being on my feet all evening. I missed my club on Wednesday but spent the evening working on D for Dancer. I think it is looking great, I especially love the little ballerina dancer. I had to put 3 teeny tiny beads on this morning... of course I dropped one.... can't find it anywhere!!! Good job there are spare ones!! For the photo I have placed the dragonfly charm on but it is not attached yet. Colours look a little washed out on this today but I think that is just the light! The dancer is more pink on top than that!

Can't believe it is Friday night already, this week has flown by. I think I am going to work on some more little Christmas motifs for cards tonight, I started a little penguin earlier in the week and I think I'm in the mood to work on him first.....

Ginnie x


zetor said...

Love your goodies from Sewandso, good choices. I like that company, isn't their service great. They also sent me that free chart. The Dancer picture is very pretty.

Miss 376 said...

I love Sewandso. I did one of those mirrors for my mum, but as she died soon after, I got it back. They do some lovely bits and pieces

Irene said...

Nice stash ! They all will make great gifts.

Julie said...

Great goodies, i love to send homemade pressies, makes them more special.
Dancer is stunning.
I'm not a winnie fan anymore - no little ones in this house.

Tracy said...

That little ballerina is too cute!

Shellie said...

fantastic Goodies ginnie
Love the winnie chart As you know Im doing eeyore at the moment.
Would love to be in the draw
happy Stitching
Hugs Shellie

Anonymous said...

Love the christmas gifts and I love the Bent Creek chart.

Your dancer is coming along really nicely.

I've not outgrown WTP, Piglet's my favourite. I have that chart, but like you, I probably won't ever get round to stitching it either!!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Nice stash additions and the D is for Dancer looks lovely. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

stitcherw said...

Wonderful stash, I'm sure all the people they are for will love them. I've seen the BC piece done up and it looks beautiful. Your Dancer piece and earlier post of Family tree are looking so pretty, and the pillow for your mom turned out gorgeous. Glad open night went well, sounds like you had quite a lot going on.

Gill said...

Its lovely when new stuff arrives isn't it - I love SewandSo, they are so reliable. Your dancer is lovely, I've a 'thing' for ballet dancer designs!
I know what you mean about Winnie the Pooh designs, they are very cute, I stitched quite a few many years ago but have kind of grown out of them now, maybe because my own children are a bit older, like yours. But it was nice of them to send it to you.