Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A few bits

I don't seem to have much to show at the moment. My stitching mojo keeps coming and going! It has not helped that I haven't been feeling 100% recently, but I won't bore you with the details at the moment! I have also been out a few times, meeting friends etc, which has been lovely but effected my stitching also.
So firstly here is my Christmas Window, I think it has been a while since I showed this. It still has a long way to go. I have been working on the lady's red coat and the red doll's house. It will be lovely when it is done but I think that'll be sometime next year.... there is so much brown that is boring!
Here's another little start that has been on my "to do" list for a while. You can probably guess from the small part I have done that it is an All our yesterdays. It will have 3 girls and a dog on looking at a pier. This was in one of my magazines last year.
And finally just another charity square, this was a really quick stitch for the "robots" theme.
Everyone in my house are on summer holiday now, which is fun. I leave them a job list as I come to work and they sort of attempt it! We go on holiday in just under 2 weeks which I am looking forward too, I need the break!
Anyway until next time.
Ginnie xx

Friday, 16 July 2010

Blackwork Lady

Finally found time to blog again. I have had a busy week which included several early mornings. Becki had her Induction Days at college and I took her, then Stuart had to have his car mended and I took him to work. So by the evenings I have been too tired to do much!! Becki loved college and got on well with the other dance students so she'll be fine in September.

Stuart also got a new job last week. His school is about to close and we were beginning to worry he wasn't going to get anything sorted.... but he finally has. The school is in the next Education Authority and is about 12 miles away, but it's not too bad a drive. So all of my family will be starting something new in September...... very exciting.

I completed the Blackwork Lady stitching a few days ago. I didn't think I would finish this so quickly but I just loved it. I need to order the frame to go with it now.
I also finished another charity square, this one is for an "up in the air" theme. So I choose a colourful hot air balloon.
I have also been trying hard to get my Family Tree completed. I am now just working on the top border. The rest of the tree is done but that bit can't be seen now as I have rolled up the stitching just to work on the top. I am so pleased that I am close to finishing, it'll be such a great piece.
Happy stitching to all
Ginnie xx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Good holiday and stitching time

Finally back to blogging! Thanks for all your lovely comments about the girls at their Prom. It already seems ages ago!
We had a great holiday even though we were only away 5 days. The weather pretty good and we just love it at Charmouth. I managed to get plenty of stitching done, here are just a couple of pieces.
Firstly I finished the July Flip-It (Lizzie Kate) I never managed June so I was glad to get July sorted. Both August and September are done so I may do June next so it is sorted for next year!
On holiday I bought a bag of scraps of material for £1 which will be great for these ornies!

I also took my new start with me - "Blackwork Lady" which is in the latest World of Cross Stitching magazine. I have loved working on this as you can see! The chart does state that original blackwork backstitch goes through very hole on evenweave but I have done it my own way over 2 as I found it easier going. Trouble is now I need to go and get some more black DMC !! I can see this being finished quite quickly!

I also worked on my Christmas window and another charity square but haven't taken a photo of these. This week I wanted to work on my Family Tree again, but so far I haven't touched it. Maybe tonight!!!

Now here's a few holiday snaps -

Me and the girls on Charmouth beach one evening

Becki doing an epic jump in the sea at Charmouth beach - super sunny day!

Laura's not so epic jump the same day!

The gardens at Lyme Regis - looks like a tropical island with those trees. Very hot day!
Now it is back to normal, back to work just not back to school for the girls! Laura had her induction day at college on Friday and although she was very nervous I think she enjoyed it. Becki has hers next week. This Friday is the casting day for Becki's English Youth Ballet so she will see what part she gets to play! Very exciting.
Anyway untl next time....
Ginnie xx