Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ballerina grows

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, or extended weekend if you are in the UK. The weather is a bit dreary here still, I wish it would warm up. I have both Monday and Tuesday off work so nice to think it is not the end of my weekend this evening!

I still haven't been stitching a huge amount, but I am slowly getting my mojo back...... Here is my progress on the ballerina, I thought I may get fed up with the similar colours but I am actually enjoying working on it. I think Becki will love it when I'm done.

I suddenly realised last week that of all the Lizzie Kate month stamps I have stitched I was missing June. So yesterday I started it, I doubt I'll get it finished for Wednesday but hopefully sometime during June it'll be complete! Here is the small progress so far.

Finally I got around to doing another charity square, this one is for a "Toys" theme quilt. Very cute!!

Laura has just 2 AS exams left to go, so far the others have gone ok I think..... although her normal reaction is "it was awful!"

Becki is working on her show dances for the end of June, she is pleased that she is choreographing some as well this time and her dance teacher has said how good they are looking.

Stuart got another job last week, although he only moved schools last September he has found it hard to settle there. This new school seems a bit of a challenge as they have had a lot of problems but he was used to this at his last school so feels happy that he'll get on better here.

Happy stitching.......

Ginnie xxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Some new things

I knew I hadn't blogged for a while but I can't believe it has been over a month, whoops. Time flies ..... I have also had lots of problems with my PC at work so haven't had much chance to get on here and download photos.

I have continued on my Henry VIII a little but the border is so repetative... that I am struggling to keep motivated..... but I will get there.

Otherwise I have a few new ones to show you.

I have started a ballerina one for Becki, it is all in sepia type colours so will be lovely eventually just takes a while to take shape. I have run out of DMC0739 though and hope Stuart is popping to the shop later to get me some.

I actually started this Angel one just after Christmas but forgot about it. It is a Joan Elliot one and will have lots of little beads on too. She is progressing well and is very pretty.

Last week I finished this little Flower Fairy one that was free with one of my magazines. When the girls were really "into" Flower Fairies this was one of their favourites. I think Becki had a costume made to be this fairy at school once. So I had to stitch it. I just need a nice square frame now.

Last Wednesday my two lovely girls turned 17..... I have no idea where those 17 years have gone. We had a little family get together with a take away pizza on the Monday then on the actual night of their birthday they went to Wetherspoons for a meal with lots of their friends. This photo was taken then.

Laura starts her AS level exams next week, this first college year has flown by. Becki doesn't do exams on her course but has lots of assessments and dance shows coming up. Next we have to start looking at Universities etc.... that is a scary thought !

Well I will try not to leave it so long to update next time.... happy stitching

Ginnie xxx