Thursday, 17 December 2009

I will be back!

Hi all
Just to let you know I am still around and will make a stitching posting soon..... but just haven't got around to it yet. I am at work at the moment and have a Christmas Fayre tonight at the girl's school, so doubt if I'll post properly until the weekend. I am abit annoyed today as they have blocked some of our access to the Internet at work (well Head Office in Kansas have) so I can't get on Facebook anymore. I know why they do it but somedays my work is very quiet and I go on when I have nothing to do.... so now how do I get the day to go quickly..... more stitching and reading at my desk I think!
We have had a tough week with the girls, Becki especially as she has 2/3 so called friends who have been bitching about her and upsetting her. She doesn't really know what she has done..... and this then upsets Laura as she is very protective of her sister. Luckily they have just a term and half to go before they leave. Parenting is hard at times because what can I do? Nothing really!
Will show Robert Pattinson stitching on my next post, it is progressing well. I am looking forward to my time off at Christmas to do lots of stitching.
Ginnie x


Miss 376 said...

That happened where I used to work, you try keeping occupied doing nothing for an 8 hour night shift! At least your stitching will get a boost. Sorry about the girls, a couple of days and they can have a couple of weeks break. Hopefully it would have blown over by the time they get back to school

zetor said...

Teenage years are hard, I do hope the situation at school is resolved, at least there are the Christmas hols to look forward to.

stitcheranon said...

Teenage girls...yuk. Sounds like one is jealous and the rest are just following the flock.
Come on Becky!!! Be honest now: How many people do you have routing for you on blogland? Zillions..that makes you way more popular..and it will probably be over by end of the xmas holidays. Just concentrate on those exams and then you get to have a career and drive past them in your very posh car, making sure you drive through a puddle and soak em!!

Honestly, crap though this feels: tis just a hiccup in the great burp of life (as one of my students said to another when she got upset in class...bless: classy kid lol).

Julie said...

It's hard being a teenager, i think its worse for girls too. Maybe the christmas break will do them good and it will blow over.

Tracy said...

Raising teenage girls is so rough! It's so hard being a parent during these years. Hope you get some stitching done over Christmas, I'm planning to.

Lucy said...

You're girls seem so sweet and smart...I say it's jealousy! Teenage years stink!!! Just be there for them and all will be okay!