Saturday, 30 August 2008

Several to show

I have had a busy few days with my stitching and a busy day out today.
Firstly on Thursday I did what I set out to do and finished this -

View from the Terrace
Derwentwater Designs
I also finished another little Christmas stitching from the recent Cross Stitcher magazine, I will finish this as an ornament like the one I did last week. The chart showed it in a blue colour but I used a DMC variegated red thread. I really like this one and may stitch another.

The postman also bought me my "Hot Cocoa" chart on Thursday, I can't wait to start it but it has gone in the drawer for now until I can fit it into my busy schedule!!
Friday morning I set about sorting the threads for D for Dancer.... oh this was a challenge. Most of my stitching has consisted of using DMC or Anchor 6 stranded cotton, with the occasional metallic threads/braid. In this I had "Thread gatherer" "Gloriana overdyed silk" "Au ver a Soie" "Kreinik Mori" etc..
It took me a while but I think I sorted it correctly, I never realised that some threads are 12 stranded!!
Finally last night I started it..... not much to show so far. I have a deer, a dolphin and some darning stitches!! I am going to pick it up again in a moment but I am taking my time with it to get all the specialty stitches correct.

Today as it is virtually the end of the summer holidays, Stuart and I have taken the girls to Warwick Castle. It was packed!! where we parked it was a 20 minute walk to the entrance. But it was worth it we had a fab day, lovely weather etc. We watched jousting, falconry etc. The girls and I went up the big tower and round the ramparts, 530 steps.... oh my legs ache now! It is a lovely castle and it had been years since we went, I am glad we made the effort to go.
Well back to the stitching, I must work on some of Mom's sampler this evening too.
Ginnie x


loulee1 said...

I like the little christmas ornament.

Anonymous said...

View from the Terrace is lovely as is the other pieces. I am going to put this in my list of "excellent needlework" on my blog's sidebar.

zetor said...

Lovely stitching. Your'Joy' ornament is nice with the variegated threads, I finished mine too.

Daffycat said...

Congratulations on your wonderful finishes! ***happy dance***

Wow! New starts! The DfD sounds yummy with all the specialty stitches and silk threads. It's fun to branch out into new areas.

Your trip to Warwick sounds divine; it's on my list of places to see :o)

Erica said...

View from the Terrace is just lovely! I love your little red ornament too. The variegated red is just the right touch!

Angela said...

Both of your finishes are wonderful! The Joy ornament caught me eye when I saw it too.

Miss 376 said...

Certainly had a good day for it today. View from the terrace looks wonderful

Annie said...

I love both of your finishes. Doesn't it feel good to get 2 things done?

Shellie said...

Hi Ginnie
Card shop is one i dont sub too but will look out for it thats for sure what number is it in ?
Love ur view from terrace its stunning
Also love J0y I did both mine with vari thread too I use it in alot of my work for cards
keep up the great work

happy Stitching

Sam said...

What lovely finishes Ginnie! The 'Joy' ornament is gorgeous in red :o)

Julie said...

Congrats on your finishes and your new start, i'm looking forward to seeing that one grow, i love VS designs.

Cricketstitch said...

View from the Terrace is beautiful. A big "Happy Dance" for you! Your ornament is very cheery with the thread color (good choice). I am a first time visitor and I love your work, thank you for the inspiration. I will be back in the future.

Joei said...

Cute christmas ornie, love the colors. Derwentwater is very lovely as well. Congrats on your HD!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes. Congrats.

tkdchick said...

beautiful finishes

Lelia said...

Lovely stitching projects : ) Nice choice with the red floss - turned out so nice