Saturday, 9 August 2008

On the 4th square.

Sorry for no posting yesterday but it was our 16th Wedding Anniversary and we were invited over to my mom and dads for a Barbeque. By the time we returned I was tired after having a couple of glasses of wine so I left the stitching in the bag!!
I have done a bit more of my Mom's Sampler this morning and I have 3 squares complete - back stitch and all and am now working on square number 4 - the bouquet of flowers. I am really enjoying doing this as each square feels like a big step towards finishing!
I have still been working on my Map in the evening and will post an update tomorrow. I have finished all the rivers and have nearly finished all place names and borders. I will work on getting those complete by tomorrow.
Later today we are off to the shops as we go on holiday on Monday and need a few holiday things, the weather isn't good here again today and doesn't look too promising still for next week..... so must pack my wellies and wooly jumpers!! (we go camping!)
So tomorrow will be my last post for just over a week, I'll have a lot of blogging to catch up on when I return.
Ginnie x


zetor said...

Belated 'Happy Anniversary' . Your sampler is looking good. The weather here is terrible today hope it improves for your holiday.

tkdchick said...

Ginnie, happy anniversary!

Your little sampler is looking good, keep plugging at it!

Have a good time camping I hope the weather holds out!

Daffycat said...

The sampler you're making for your mom is really sweet!

Wishing you a happy anniversary and many happy returns.

Miss 376 said...

Happy Anniversary! The sampler is looking lovely. Think it does make it easier when you have sections to stitch. Look forward to seeing the map tomorrow

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary! The sampler is adorable. Have fun camping.

Julie said...

This is so pretty and growing so quickly

Hope the weather improves for your hols

Happy Anniv to you and DH

Elisa said...

Glad to hear you had a good time for your anniversary...

The sampler is looking great...well done you!!