Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Lilliput Lane week

Well I am on week 4 of 4 of my stitching rota... hasn't time flown?... and I have managed to stick with it.... so far.
Week 4 is my Lilliput Lane Cottage kit by Ancher, this is how the stitching looked on Monday before picking it up again. As you can see the fabric is very creased as it is been a WIP for about 10 years!!! whoops....

I used to collect the Lilliput Lane Cottages in the 1990s and this was one of my favourite pieces. We also visited Kendal (In The Lake District, Cumbria) around the same time... so when I saw the kit I had to have it. And I've done a fair amount on it... but then the roof started to bore me... and then I bought other kits... and so it went away. I was inspired to start it again after a re visit to Kendal this May.
Here is the cottage the stitching is based on: -

But last night I just couldn't motivate myself to do much of it. I flitted between several little things but did finally put in about an hour (maybe less!)
The way I see it though, any progress on it is better than none, so I will try to do a bit more later. It will be nice when it is done.... if I can ever iron all those creases out.
Just also want to add a "Get Well Soon" message to my friend Sophie (who I know reads my blog). She had her tonsils out yesterday after suffering problems with them for years. Hope you are back to your normally cheery self soon :-)

Ginnie x


tkdchick said...

Gosh for a second I thought that could be the Rovers Return in cross stitch! LOL!

Hopefully you'll find the motivation to get moving with this Wip!

Shellie said...

great stitching Ginnie i have some other lilliput lane charts if ur interested

Miss 376 said...

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun, lol! You'll feel great when it's done

Julie said...

4 week since you decided on a rota .... omg where did i loose them too LOL

On a MB i visit they have UFO night on a Tuesday for those long lost projects and ladies stitch on them Tuesdays only to make little progress. Good Luck with it!

Ruth said...

Dang, that's a cute little cottage... no matter how old he or his creases are ;-)

Congrats on the stitching~!

Liz said...

I too had been working on the Kendal Tea Shop for over 10 years on and off. I am afraid when you come to the back-stitching is when it really gets tiresome. I did finally decide enough was enough and I had to finish it. So last year I picked it up again and decided I could not start another project until this was done. I am happy to report that it is completed. Love it now it is done, so hang in there.