Monday, 28 July 2008

I have new flooring!

What a fun but hectic weekend I have had. The weather remained warm which was great.

On Saturday our friends Sarah and Neil came with their 2 girls, we had a nice barbeque and sat in the garden chatting all afternoon.

On Sunday my friend Aly came over and coloured my hair, it is now grey free in a nice mahogany brown colour. Earlier that day I had a phone call to tell me the handyman would be over at 8.45 Monday morning to start my flooring in the lounge and dining room. So it was a mad panic getting lots of my cupboards/book selves empty etc ready to clear the room today. Then last night we went to another barbeque with some of Stuart's work friends and didn't get home until late.

So this morning we had to get up early and take some of the furniture outside and get the carpet up. It is all finished now and I have a nice rustic oak laminate flooring under my feet. Good job the furniture is all back inside as we are having a lovely thunder storm at the moment!

So I only did a bit of stitching on Saturday night and here is the Family Tree update.

I have extended a little onto the right hand side and filled in the last grandparents box on the right. Here is a close up of the centre piece with it's back stitch wording complete.

Tonight I am back to the "Summer Fairy" I think I will finish it before the end of the week so I intend to start some stitching for my mom's birthday in October. I will show you later in the week what I am planning.

I have also found a new little kit I am about to buy off Ebay, it is a Mill Hill kit of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker. This will be for Becky and the Christmas Tree as we are going to see the English Youth Ballet perform The Nutcracker in September as one of Becky's friends has a small role in it. Here is what she looks like :

Cute or what!!

Anyway once I can find all my needlework after emptying the lounge I will begin stitching..... I have a lot to catch up on.

Ginnie x


Annie said...

That family tree piece is going to be wonderful when it's done.. quite the heirloom.

I love all ballerina designs. This one is really a cutie.

Have fun walking on the new floor!

Miss 376 said...

This is coming on well, looks great. Look forward to seeing this weeks stitching

zetor said...

What a great idea for a family tree.Looks very good.

TattingChic said...

What a lovely family tree stitching! That will be a treasured family heirloom for sure!

Julie said...

Family tree is growing lovely Ginnie.

What a great way to remember your visit to the nutcracker

becca said...

Thanks for posting a commenting on my blog!

Your family tree is awesome. I'll have to read further down your blog and find the name of of the chart. Great blog!

Erica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Ginnie! I am anxious to get this one finished!
I love your Family Tree! I don't think I have seen that one before. It is beautiful!

Charlene said...

Just love your family tree piece. Look beautiful. Hoping to see more installment soon.

Denise said...

Your cross-stitching is awesome Ginnie. What a talent you have.

zetor said...

Hi Ginnie, I have tagged you please visit my blog for details.

Carla said...

Great progresson your family tree!!