Saturday, 12 July 2008

Package arrived

I had a very busy and productive day yesterday.

In the morning the postman bought my package from the USA containing my "D for Dancer" chart and accessory pack. It was very exciting! the little pack has all the threads, silks, beads and charms I need to complete the project all I have to get now is the fabric.

This is a close up photo of the cute gold dragonfly that has to be attached (not the clearest of pictures but it is very small!)

I think I will use one of my smaller frames to stitch this on..... which at the moment has my "View from the Terrace" on, so I must wait until this is finished the start my new one. As I am about half way through "Terrace" I reckon by the end of August I can start "D".

I had a look at the instructions.... urmm lots of different kinds of stitches that I'm not used to.... this will be a challenge..... may be looking to other bloggers/stitchers for advise if I struggle. Here is what some of the instructions look like...

I haven't opened the accessory pack yet, but I hope I can sort all the threads out ok.

The girls were back at lunchtime yesterday from their trip to Ingestre Hall. I was very pleased to see them, they had a great time but were very tired and looking forward to their own bed and decent food. As they then spent the afternoon resting I had a nice afternoon of stitching!
My ABC daisy cards I make have proved popular, I have been asked to make some for someone else... so I was busy doing a D and a T!!
After dinner I spent the evening on my Warwickshire Map, I am really pleased as I have managed to do more of this than I thought I would. Initially I was going to do all the place names, trees, rivers and boundaries.... then go back and fill in the symbols, but last night I decided to do a few "factories" and "mines". Once this one is finished I will use this frame for Henry and his wives stitching, as you can see I have been planning ahead!
I even managed to sew a bit more of Snowman No. 3 before bed!

Today I am going to Betty's stitch shop again as I need a few DMC cottons.... hopefully will get some stitching in later today.

Ginnie x


Julie said...

It great to get stash mail. I'm sure you'll be fine with the 'D', the instructions are so clear, and of course we are all here to offer help if you need it (if we can that is LOL)

Miss 376 said...

It looks as if it will be a very interesting project. Look forward to seeing it in progress

tkdchick said...

What a lovely bunch of fibers, and goodies to get in the mail!

Heather said...

It's lovely to get anything in the post these days, yesterday was the first I've had in 10 days and it was for my 5 year old!

You will get the hang of those stitches, very mind boggling on paper, but fairly quick to grasp.

stitcherw said...

Fun stash, I like that series. Good luck figuring out all the specialty stitches. Hopefully when it comes time to actually stitch them the directions make sense to you.