Sunday, 6 July 2008

Great buy!

I have just been buying on Ebay.... and have had a great buy. The D for Dancer chart + accessory pack on my wish list would cost about £30 from UK websites.... I have just bought both from a seller in the USA for $17.41 (about £9) and that includes the postage to UK...... very happy can't believe I won the bidding!!! Can't wait for it to arrive.

That has brightened up my somewhat dull day, this is what the weather has done in the Midlands most of today..... rain, rain, thunder and rain. I was also still feeling unwell but better than yesterday. I called my mom and dad this morning who are in Dorset in their caravan and they are having it just as bad as here. They are glad to be coming home tomorrow!

Stuart has been out all day at a "Festival of Football" day, he has just got in and he is shattered! He coaches the youth team for Redditch Arrows American Football Club. I think he got a little wet too!!

The girls have been excited as they go away tomorrow for the week with school, I have been helping them pack their suitcase. I'll tell you more about that on tomorrow's posting.

And as for my Summer Fairy I spent some of last night and then this morning doing a bit more of her before calling it a day at lunch time. If I had continued for another day or two I reckon I would have finished it but I am sticking to my rota and have packed her away for a few weeks. I mainly have some leaves to finish at the bottom left, some of the Light Effects white on her wings, some blue on the moon, a couple of french knots in the blue flowers and then lots of back stitch. (Ignore the date on the photo I have just realized I have written June instead of July!!)
I am really pleased with how it is looking and will finish it on my next rotation.

So tomorrow I start the next week of my rota and continue on my Warwickshire Map.... looking forward to moving onto something new. Tonight I'll continue with some of my cards.

Ginnie x


Tanja said...

Amazing you can stick to your rota! I go from this to that, and then back, or stick with one project for a long time. Even worse, can do nothing for weeks.

I love your fairy, it's so pretty!

ps. Two of my cousins are on holiday in Dorset too, in their caravan. I hope they will see some sunshine these weeks.

Miss 376 said...

So well disciplined, I think if I was that close to finishing, I'd want to carry on. Looking forward to seeing the map tho, I fnd all maps fascinating

Julie said...

The weather us horrid right now, we got the thundestorm here too.

Great progress on the fairy.

Shellie said...

Hi Ginnie
Thanx for commenting on my cards
Your summer fairy is looking fantastic
Hope ur not missing the girlsd too much
hugs Shellie

AngelSan said...

great progress on the fairy, I stitched it too a while ago... Will you put the beads or use french knots?

I'm also surprised you are doing the backstitching as you go? How do you manage?

Ginnie said...

I think I may just do french knots... but haven't totally decided! I always do some of my back stitching as I have completed areas as I hate doing it all in one go at the end!