Thursday, 10 July 2008

I do decoupage also

I feel a lot better today, thank goodness, thanks for all your get well soon comments :-)
I have been busy doing a mixture of stitching, trying to make sure I do some of my Warwickshire Map to stick to my rota but I have also been doing some of Julie's card which is looking great in the turquoise metallic braid, she is really keen to see what I am doing for her.... but she has to wait until the end of August!
I have also been working on my Snowman Christmas card which is looking really cute too.

Otherwise I spent some time yesterday making a decoupage birthday card. I enjoy papercrafts too, especially decoupage but I am not addicted to it as much as cross stitch. It was my niece Ellie's birthday yesterday she was 6 years old, so I found this lovely papernation decoupage of a fairy to make for her!
She looks really cute!!

I only started decoupage last year and tend to copy ideas out of magazines etc as I am not that confident to try my own things!

My other favourite card I made was for my friend Sarah's 40th birthday back in March, I used a gatefold card for this one.
Tonight I have also managed to decorate some of Becky's room. They are back from their trip away tomorrow and I can't wait. I have booked the day off work as they need collecting from school at midday. I am a bit disappointed to have not heard from them tonight but last night they phoned and they seemed fine and are really enjoying themselves. Tonight they were having a talent show and a disco so they are probably too busy with that to think about poor old mom!! So I am going back to my sewing now....

Ginnie x


Miss 376 said...

My boys are away at the moment, and I don't like it if a day goes by and I haven't spoken to them. Sure Becky will love to come home to a newly decorated bedroom. Love the fairy card

Tanja said...

Ginnie, it's a good sign you didn't hear from them. That means they are having a blast there and do not have time to think about calling! I'm sure they will tell you all about it as soon as they are home.


Srinity said...

The fairy card is cute! I bet Ellie loves it! I guess your girls are having a lot of fun. But as always, the trip is great but it's even greater to come back home again. :)

zetor said...

Your cards are lovely!

Julie said...

Great cards

Hope the girls arrived home safely and had fun!

Heather said...

Beautiful cards Ginnie :)

KaLu said...

what a cute little card! so perfect for a little girl .. wish my little sister would go back to that age when i could make cute stuff and she would like it .. right now if it doesnt have a skull she does not approve. =p

your cards are very pretty!