Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunny day out

I'm afraid I haven't done any stitching yet today as we have had a family day out!
My daughter Laura, as I have mentioned before is a great history lover, she really wants to become an Archaeologist. Because of that she recently became a member of the BYAC (Birmingham Young Archaeologist Club). This week is National Archaeology Week and an event was being held at Weoley Castle Ruins near Birmingham (Pronounced Wheelie). It was more of a fortified manor house than a full blown castle and was most significant in Medieval times. Sadly is has been in ruins for over 200 years.
The weather was just right for it, sunny at times but not too hot. We took a packed lunch which we ate in the moat (well its not there now but where it would have been!), we had a guided tour around the ruins, we watched a Mommers Play and we looked at some "finds" and spoke to a lovely man who was in charge of sorting and cataloguing all the "Finds" in this area. He was a great encouragement to Laura, he gave her loads of information and said when she was a little older if she gets in touch with him he'll help her with some voluntary work at digs etc. So here a couple of pictures....

The Ruins


Knight on horseback?

Mommers Play

So my Warwickshire Map has had no work done on it today. Therefore how it finished yesterday is what you will see on the photo. I was pleased with how much I had done but now looking at the photo it doesn't look much! At least it is taking shape, most of the top half is complete except for a few symbols, there is a compass symbol to go on the top left then I can carry on working on South Warwickshire!

I have some ironing to do now (thanks to all the girl's trip washing!) then I may just spend some time stitching some of my cards..... I may even look through my stash and charts to think of ideas for Lisa and Sally's card, although I have seen a sweet "Cake" card I may do for one of them.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Ginnie x


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your day out Ginnie, the weather sure did pick up today after the bad week we've had.

stitcherw said...

Fun day, and it looks like the weather was perfect for it.

tkdchick said...

Keep going on that map its looking great!