Monday, 30 June 2008

Rota started

Spent most of my evening working out how to put a slide show on here showing some of my completed projects and cards, took a while but got there eventually.

Also spent some time on a few of my cards, I started Nicki's Birthday card and finished my 2nd snowman card for Christmas.

Then it was time to work on my Rota.... I think I kept putting it off at first but I have now done some of my "Summer Fairy". Took me a while to get back into it.... also discovered a small mistake in her hair but that won't be noticable. Here is the picture I took of it last week, I'll then post an update on Sunday at the end of the week.
You can just make out her legs, some of the flowers/leaves and the blue moon in the background. It uses some DMC light effects thread which you can't really see here but they do give a nice shimmer!!

Received my next issue of Cross Stitch Card Shop today in the post. It is only out bi-monthly so it seems ages since the last one. There are some lovely cards as usual and a free All Our Yesterday's card kit. Haven't had a good read of it yet, may take it into work tomorrow to read at lunch.
Anyway I'm off to bed now as I am tired and want to read some of my book - Dean Knootz - Forever Odd, which I have nearly finished and want to see how it ends!

Ginnie x

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Family Tree update.

I have worked quite a bit on the "Family Tree" stitching this afternoon. Knowing I was going to take a picture and post an update inspired me to try to do as much as I could! I am pleased with the progress on it, on the left hand side I have stitched to the outer border so I can see how wide the design is going to be. (See 18/06/08 post for the first draft!)

Looking at other people's blogs I see lots of them have a rota for their stitching. I'm not sure how well I can stick to one but I'm going to give it a try. The exceptions will be - fitting in my cards when I want/need and on Wednesdays at my Crafty Hands group working on either View from a Terrace or Noah's Ark. Otherwise this is my rota for WIPs.....

Week One - Family Tree (Last week so has ended today!)

Week Two - Summer Fairy and Ballerina (this coming week!)

Week Three - Warwickshire Map

Week Four - Lilliput Lane - Kendal Tea Shop (this is at moms so must bring home!)

When one is complete I'll add another into the rota! Not sure how it'll go but I'm going to give it a go. I choose the 2 for this coming week as I know my girls will argue that I am working on one more than the other as these 2 pieces are for them.

I also want to thank everyone for leaving nice comments on my blog, I am really enjoying my new blogging hobby and look forward to viewing many more nice stitching pieces.

Now I'm going to work on a few cards while Stuart watches the Euro Cup Final!!!!

Ginnie x

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Hooray I'm back on...

Came home last night to find both the Internet and TV were working again.... hooray for Virgin Media!!

Had a super time last night at the Prom, the rain just about managed to stay away.... the pupils all scrubbed up really well and the girls were wearing some beautiful dresses and the boys in smart suits. Two girls arrived on horse back.... very brave. The meal was tasty and everyone seemed to have a great time. Didn't get home until 1am so feeling a little tired today just not used to living the high life nowadays.

Thought I'd show my "greatest achievement" to date on this posting. It is called Sweet Dreams by Lavender and Lace.

We were on holiday on Dorset and sound a lovely Cross Stitch shop where they had this picture completed and on show. I bought the chart and started it in 1993 as my friend, Sarah, had just announced she was pregnant. In those days I didn't stitch as much as I do now and this was the biggest project I had taken on. So in October of that year when I found I was pregnant also I decided to keep the stitching for myself........ (sorry Sarah!). But when my twins arrived in 1994 my stitching got put in a cupboard and didn't make a re appearance for quite a while..... I finally finished it about 5 years ago and it now hangs pride of place in my lounge.

Today I have worked on a few cards and now I'm going to work on The Family Tree and have a nice glass of red wine (being careful not to get the wine too near the stitching!) Tomorrow I am going to take another picture of this stitching to update on my blog.

Ginnie x

Friday, 27 June 2008

Internet still down at home!!!

Well getting a bit fed up now..... no Internet or Cable TV still at home I hope it is working again over the weekend as I will be unable to post until I'm back at work on Monday.
I started a bit of stitching on Julie's card with my Kreinik fine braid I bought, it is a lovely turquoise colour (see picture) it is going to look really nice.

I also managed some of my next snowman Christmas card and then moved onto my Family Tree, so quite a successful night.

Tonight there will be no stitching as we are going out! Stuart and I are members of the Committee at my daughter's school "Parent support group". We organise their end of school Prom and we get to go too! So I have my nice dress ready, Stuart is collecting the balloons this afternoon and I am planning to leave work a little early as we have to be there at 6.30pm to check everything is in place for 7pm when the pupils arrive. The weather looks promising today too as last year it rained and rained! It is being held at The Blakelands , a lovely country hotel that caters for big parties etc. This is the room the Prom will be held in, it should be really nice.

Sorry for no stitching pictures still, fingers crossed for the Internet being back on tomorrow!

Have a good weekend......

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Internet down :-(

Sorry for no posting last night but both our Internet and cable TV were down last night and still is this morning at home.... hence an early post from work just in case it is still out of action tonight! Phoned Virgin Media to be told "There is a problem in your area..." you don't say!!
Anyway had a good day yesterday, visited by nearby sewing shop - Betty's Stitch Kit. Bought some 18 count Aida for Julie's card and some lovely magnifico beads..... I am using a lovely teal colour which turns out to be Julie's favourite colour! Also I mentioned how I had been trying to find the Henry VIII and Wives chart and she said she would look into it for me as she thought they had now bought out the chart on its own!
Then last night was my "Crafty Hands" club night..... otherwise known as knit and natter. My mom and I go every Wednesday to a little room at the back of a pub about 5 miles away, we meet up with other sewers, knitters and have a good natter! We have been going for 6 months now and it is great to see what other people are working on and have 2 hours solid stitching with out interruption. I worked on my view from a terrace which I think I am half way through now.
This morning I saw my friend Lesley who told me some good news, her daughter Helen (who is on my "To do" list already) is expecting a baby in February '09. So now I have a new baby sewing to do...... must have a look through some charts.... plan early etc...
Sorry there are no photos but they are all on my PC at home, will try to add later if my Internet is working again.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Card blanks arrived

Had a parcel waiting for me today when I returned home.... my card blanks and peel offs order had arrived. So now I can mount my Snowman card and continue on my other Christmas cards!

Here are some of my cards I have made recently, a Wedding one and a July Birthday one. I like to mount them on patterned paper then onto a card, sometimes I add bows, ribbon , embellishments etc....

I finished Stacey's card this morning and started another snowman card (changed my mind about doing a reindeer!)

Have worked on my Summer Fairy a little this evening and will continue on my Family Tree now. I think the tree is coming along nicely, I will post an update on this in a few days. Not sure how late I will stitch tonight as I am tired and I know I won't sleep well as Hubbie has to get up at 4.00 am to fetch his brother and family from the airport.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Henry unavailable !

Have been trying to track down the DMC "Henry VIII and wives" for a little while.... emailed an online store today that told me this:-

I am very sorry to inform you that this kit has now been discontinued by DMC. Earlier this month I escalated the situation to their European management team that explained whilst there was plenty of demand in the UK, the worldwide demand was too low to bring it back into production. It is very unlikely that they will re-produce it in the future.

How disappointing.... Laura really wanted me to do this as she is a big history lover and knows all there is to know about Henry VIII's 6 wives! I see someone is seeling the kit on Ebay but starting bid is £29.99..... only retailed at about £25.... and all I want is the chart, I can get the materials myself (Probably have the threads!)

I will keep looking but have resigned myself to the fact that I probably won't get it.

So instead of any stitching pictures tonight here is a picture of my old faithful dog, Marshall. He is getting a bit old now, is totally deaf and has to have a 'supplement' every day for his canine dementia!!! But we love him anyway.

Well going to stitch..............

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Lovely day

It has been a much better day here, brighter and sunnier but very windy. Had a whole 3 hours to myself this afternoon, Stuart was at football and the girls were at my mom and dads. I managed to finish my snowman Christmas topper for my first card of the year; the picture is attached..... this is taken with my new camera too.... which I'm very impressed with.

Also started Stacey's birthday card as well as cut the lawn and do loads of ironing. Of course I can't show the card yet incase she reads this. Have picked out which design to do for Nicky's card too and my next Christmas card will be a reindeer one!!
Spent some time browsing other people's blogs.... have seen some lovely Mirabilia cross stitch, I think I MUST do one of these soon, they are all so gorgeous.
Think I'll continue with my family tree picture now.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

New camera....

What a day, really miserable weather, rain, cloud, cool..... supposed to be the start of summer here in England! Poor girls have gone to an outdoor engagement party too...... although they did look lovely in their new outfit, so grown up.

Anyway best news was I have bought a new camera, my old one was only a 3 megapixel my new one is a 9.... so much better for my close ups on my stitching. Just experimenting with it at the moment, have taken some of the girls before they went out and will try some on my cross stitching tomorrow.

Consequently little stitching has been done... just been working on my snowman.... having a cuppa tea while blogging and will continue on one of my larger projects later.

My picture to show tonight is the cute Collie puppy I stitched for my bestest friend, Aly a couple of Christmas's ago. I was really pleased with it.

Flower Fairies

Just thought I'd do a quick blog to show the 2 DMC Flower Fairy pictures I have completed in 2008 and now hang in my daughters rooms......

The Lily of the Valley one is Becki's, I love the greens in the leaves.

The Tulip one is Laura's. Lots of pink.... her favourite colour.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Glad it's Friday evening!!

So glad it is Friday and I have 2 days away from work...... managed to do a bit of retail therapy on the way home from work, of course bought stuff for my daughters not for me!

Since tea have managed to work on both "View from the Terrace" and "Family Tree".

Here is a picture of the "View" one..... reminds me of holidays in France or Italy.

Will be going for our nightly walk in a moment (having to wait for half time in the football!!) then may continue with my Christmas card..... although do have a drop of cider in the fridge waiting for me..... so sewing may be put on hold!

Have ordered my card blanks, the link to the site I use is as follows Liz Craft they only have a few basic cards blanks, as otherwise it is more a papercraft site, but are a good price and free P & P for UK if spend over £10. Should arrive next week.
Also browsed some other blogspots this afternoon, want to learn how to link to some of them and become blogging friends!!

David Tennant chart free....urmmm...

Managed to do quite a bit of stitching last night, had well over an hour to myself with Stuart out and kids upstairs! Did some of the family tree and some of the view from the terrace. Also browsed some websites and found a fab free chart to download of David Tennant (Doctor Who). Just wondering who to do this for??? may be me!! (see picture of chart, only 8 colours!)

If you want to stitch this too go to it was posted yesterday.

Also managed to fit in a bit of stitching this morning.... did some of my cards I'm working on at the moment, my All our yesterday's girl and Winnie the Pooh. Also started my first Christmas card for 2008..... a little snowman.

Going to order some Christmas coloured card blanks later (as it is payday today!!) so can start others too... but mustn't forget Stacey's Birthday is now only a week and half away!!! Must start her card.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The one just finished.

Me and the girls have just returned from having tea at mom and dads. Thought i'd do a quick posting now then get down to stitching. Headache a little better but generally don't feel too good!!

The picture shown is the latest one I have finished, it is a Lizzie-Kate design "Live, Laugh, Love" I am hoping to get it framed soon but have 2 others waiting framing that may have to come first!

Would love to do another Lizzie-Kate one, possibly a Christmas one........ will have to see.

Found a new chart I want!!

Well just been browsing some of my favourite cross stitch websites and found a new "want" to add to the list!! It's called the Poppy Chart by Nora Corbett in the Mirabilia collection; found it on sewandso.........

Beautiful reds in it.... see attached piccie!!

Haven't done a huge amount of stitching since last post as have a bad headache.... then spent my morning taking photos of cross stitching to add to this blog!!

Did do a little of the family tree though, have managed to start some of the blue in the boarder.... yeah!!

Stuart is out tutoring tonight so if headache is better (going to have some tablets with my lunch in a mo) I will continue......

back later....

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Family Tree stitching

Well just got back in from work and have to get to school for 6 for meeting! But here is my first "update photo" of my family tree stitching. Doesn't look like much yet as lots of the wording in the middle! Want to extend left next to begin the border......

Hopefully will do some more later but going to be naughty and have chips from the chippie first!!!

The start of the blog !!

I am setting up this blog to show my cross stitch already finished and my work in progress!!!
I have been working on "My Family Tree" this morning. It has been 3 weeks since I started it...... but I have been working on many others in between (as normal). I think it'll take me a while to finish but I will post my progress photo later!!!
Tonight I have a meeting at the girl's school, so will be missing my "knit and natter" group. Will probably do a bit more card stitching later as well as Family Tree.