Thursday, 26 June 2008

Internet down :-(

Sorry for no posting last night but both our Internet and cable TV were down last night and still is this morning at home.... hence an early post from work just in case it is still out of action tonight! Phoned Virgin Media to be told "There is a problem in your area..." you don't say!!
Anyway had a good day yesterday, visited by nearby sewing shop - Betty's Stitch Kit. Bought some 18 count Aida for Julie's card and some lovely magnifico beads..... I am using a lovely teal colour which turns out to be Julie's favourite colour! Also I mentioned how I had been trying to find the Henry VIII and Wives chart and she said she would look into it for me as she thought they had now bought out the chart on its own!
Then last night was my "Crafty Hands" club night..... otherwise known as knit and natter. My mom and I go every Wednesday to a little room at the back of a pub about 5 miles away, we meet up with other sewers, knitters and have a good natter! We have been going for 6 months now and it is great to see what other people are working on and have 2 hours solid stitching with out interruption. I worked on my view from a terrace which I think I am half way through now.
This morning I saw my friend Lesley who told me some good news, her daughter Helen (who is on my "To do" list already) is expecting a baby in February '09. So now I have a new baby sewing to do...... must have a look through some charts.... plan early etc...
Sorry there are no photos but they are all on my PC at home, will try to add later if my Internet is working again.


Chiloe said...

Sorry for your internet ...

First time here: your blog is very nice and your stitching is beautiful !!!

Julie said...

WOW Ginnie, how strange .. our stitchy group is also called Craft Hands and meets on a Wednesday evening, but we're at the local community centre LOL

hope you are soon up and running the the cable again, it can be such a nuisance ... the joys of technology ... NOT