Saturday, 21 June 2008

Flower Fairies

Just thought I'd do a quick blog to show the 2 DMC Flower Fairy pictures I have completed in 2008 and now hang in my daughters rooms......

The Lily of the Valley one is Becki's, I love the greens in the leaves.

The Tulip one is Laura's. Lots of pink.... her favourite colour.


Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous!!

Yuko said...

Hello Ginnie!
Thanks for the comment on my blog!
I love these fiarlies, very beautiful and lovely!!
And as well as your girls, they are very lovely and beautiful!!!

Srinity said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)
The fairies are lovely! I have the Willow Fairy kit but I haven't got around to stitching it yet.

Zhiqi said...

Wow, I'm so envious of your daughters.. The fairies are beautiful.