Monday, 23 June 2008

Henry unavailable !

Have been trying to track down the DMC "Henry VIII and wives" for a little while.... emailed an online store today that told me this:-

I am very sorry to inform you that this kit has now been discontinued by DMC. Earlier this month I escalated the situation to their European management team that explained whilst there was plenty of demand in the UK, the worldwide demand was too low to bring it back into production. It is very unlikely that they will re-produce it in the future.

How disappointing.... Laura really wanted me to do this as she is a big history lover and knows all there is to know about Henry VIII's 6 wives! I see someone is seeling the kit on Ebay but starting bid is £29.99..... only retailed at about £25.... and all I want is the chart, I can get the materials myself (Probably have the threads!)

I will keep looking but have resigned myself to the fact that I probably won't get it.

So instead of any stitching pictures tonight here is a picture of my old faithful dog, Marshall. He is getting a bit old now, is totally deaf and has to have a 'supplement' every day for his canine dementia!!! But we love him anyway.

Well going to stitch..............


Julie said...

I'm sorry you were not able to get this design.
Marshall looks lovely

Carla said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I just went thru your blog and have to tell you your work is lovely, loved the fairies you made for your daughters :) Looking worward to seeing more of your work!

Shellie said...

Just popping in to say hi to a fellow cross stitcher after seeing ur comment on my blog. Cant wait to see the card u did the same as me Love to see how others interepret different charts
Will add ur blog to my blogroll so I can see when u update
Hugs Shellie

Tanja said...

Hello to the world of bloggers!
I love your cross stitch work, it's beautiful.
Hope you'll find that chart you are looking for!


Srinity said...

I hope you find the chart. My mom's dog looks almost exactly like your Marshall. She might be a bit smaller and she's younger but they look so much alike!

stitcherw said...

Sorry that the Henry piece is unavailable. I'll keep my fingers crossed it comes back up on Ebay later at a more reasonable price and you can get it then.

Marshall looks to be a cutie, reminds me of my Jaz, although Jaz has quite a bit more grey around her face now. Jaz is 11 and on two kinds of medicine daily for arthrisis. She can still hear, but the "selective" hearing is getting much more noticible as she gets older when she doesn't want to do something, LOL.

Lainey4000 said...

Hi just to let you know im currently selling a HENRY VIII cross stitch chart on EBAY incase you are interested. it is Item number: 180269245270

Regards Alaine