Sunday, 22 June 2008

Lovely day

It has been a much better day here, brighter and sunnier but very windy. Had a whole 3 hours to myself this afternoon, Stuart was at football and the girls were at my mom and dads. I managed to finish my snowman Christmas topper for my first card of the year; the picture is attached..... this is taken with my new camera too.... which I'm very impressed with.

Also started Stacey's birthday card as well as cut the lawn and do loads of ironing. Of course I can't show the card yet incase she reads this. Have picked out which design to do for Nicky's card too and my next Christmas card will be a reindeer one!!
Spent some time browsing other people's blogs.... have seen some lovely Mirabilia cross stitch, I think I MUST do one of these soon, they are all so gorgeous.
Think I'll continue with my family tree picture now.


Julie said...

He's a cutie!

Hazel said...

Sweet snowman. Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)