Friday, 20 June 2008

Glad it's Friday evening!!

So glad it is Friday and I have 2 days away from work...... managed to do a bit of retail therapy on the way home from work, of course bought stuff for my daughters not for me!

Since tea have managed to work on both "View from the Terrace" and "Family Tree".

Here is a picture of the "View" one..... reminds me of holidays in France or Italy.

Will be going for our nightly walk in a moment (having to wait for half time in the football!!) then may continue with my Christmas card..... although do have a drop of cider in the fridge waiting for me..... so sewing may be put on hold!

Have ordered my card blanks, the link to the site I use is as follows Liz Craft they only have a few basic cards blanks, as otherwise it is more a papercraft site, but are a good price and free P & P for UK if spend over £10. Should arrive next week.
Also browsed some other blogspots this afternoon, want to learn how to link to some of them and become blogging friends!!

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