Monday, 3 November 2008

Henry has a beard!

My weekend wasn't as brilliant as it could have been because I felt unwell, since Friday I have been feeling very dizzy/light headed which isn't pleasant. To top it all I had really bad back ache on Saturday and a dodgy stomach on Sunday!!! I did manage to stitch still as sitting down was the best remedy but I was also very tired and fell asleep last night at 9pm on the settee. I still felt a bit rough at work today but feel a little brighter now. I am going to see the doctor tomorrow to check out the dizziness as I have had it before.
Even so I think Henry is looking good. You can just see where his brown beard is!! The chart asked for beads on his chain around his neck but I decided to use gold metallic thread instead. You can't see this much yet as I have only done 2 of the mini squares. I can't wait to move onto one of his wives! But for now he is going away again!!
I also managed a little more on Stuart's card, you can now see the spade, fork and the beginnings of a carrot!! In the top left corner there should be 2 cabbages but I am only stitching one and than adding a "40" above it.

This week I am setting myself some small goals again -

  • Sagittarius - Complete at least half of this picture.
  • Stuart's card - finish all of it.
  • Christmas gifts - start the last one - mom's compact mirror
  • Placecards - complete at least one more.

Tonight we have been at the girl's school sorting all the Christmas Raffle ticket books into groups of 5 for each child and sorting into classes. This went better than normal as we had loads of Year 11 pupils come along to help. I may stitch just a bit of the Sagittarius card now but I am very tired again. Hope I feel back to normal tomorrow.

Ginnie x


Miss 376 said...

Henry is looking fantastic. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your stitching this week

Wendy said...

Henry is really coming along well :-) Hope your feeling much much better soon..xx..

Gill - That British Woman said...

feel better soon, and don't work too hard.

Gill in Canada

Tracy said...

Henry is looking good!

It seems as if everyone is getting sick...

You take care of yourself & don't work to hard!


Daffycat said...

Henry is looking quite robust now! Great work!

The card for Stuart is cute...I love those little beets!

I sure hope you feel better soon. ***hugs***

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginnie

There is loads of illness around at moment,
do you have low blood presure as that maybe he dizzy spells,

wow henry looks great more colourful than my henry and you done so much on him,

get better soon,
take care

Shellie said...

henry looks great as does Stuarts card. Hope you feel better soon
hugs Shellie

Gaynor said...

Henry is looking great. Hope you feel better soon!lol

Wendy said...

Your cross stitch project is coming along nicely.
Sorry to hear you don't feel well. Take care of yourself!

Julie said...

Henry looks fab, as does Stuarts card. Hope you feel better soon.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Henry is looking good :)

Sorry to hear you have been unwell - there is a lot of this type f bug going round. Hope you feel better.

Srinity said...

Henry looks great! And Stuart's card is delicious with all those vegetables.

I hope you feel better soon.

zetor said...

Hope you feel better soon. Your cross stitch is lovely. Isn't it strange(lol!) I thought it was Henry's wives that ended up without heads, lol!