Sunday, 23 November 2008

Back in the land of blogging.

I am finally back with a posting, it has been a busy week and I am very tried tonight but just had to get something on my blog! We didn't go to the cinema in the end on Thursday night as we realised we would have trouble parking as the cinema is at the shopping centre and Peter Andre was there that night switching on the Christmas lights!! so we gave it a miss!! I spent ALL DAY Friday cleaning, dusting, sorting, hoovering every little space the evening I ached all over, would have been an easier day at work!!! Saturday was lovely, it is nice to have a get together and see everyone you don't get to see that often. I was worried we would run out of space if everyone came at the same time but people came in spread out intervals!! Our last 2 friends left at 10pm and I went to bed not long after!!! Here's a picture of the birthday boy and his daughters!!!

This afternoon we finally made it to the cinema to see the Bond film. It was ok but too much fighting and shooting for me.... but of course that's what Bond is like I'm just not a big fan. Stuart enjoyed it though and it was his birthday treat... so that's ok.

As for any stitching I managed some on Friday night. I suddenly realised I needed to get a card done for my Auntie whose Birthday is this Thursday, I was going to do a Decoupage one but really wasn't in the mood. So I found a small All Our Yesterday's girl I had started and forgotten about and spent the rest of the evening finishing that. Here it is.

She has been feeling very down this week, she starts her radiotherapy on 1st Dec and has to go every day for treatment until Christmas Eve. She rang my mom to say she hadn't had chance to Christmas shop and would send us the money instead. I think we all just want her to concentrate on getting well again.

I also have 3 sides of the cottage done, here is a side wall and the other gable end..... one more side and the roof then I get to start the "putting together"!!!

Next week I will work on Henry again and carry on with my mom's gift (I have only done a tiny bit!) and try to do the last side of the cottage.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with blog reading I'll try to catch up next week. Tomorrow I am taking Laura for her first Orthodontic appointment at the hospital then Mom and I are off Christmas shopping, I go back to work on Tuesday.

Ginnie x


Daffycat said...

Hugs for your Auntie. My dad has been having radiation treatments and they really wear a person out. I hope she has a happy birthday in spite of it.

Julie said...

Beautiful card for Auntie, i hope the radio therapy goes well for her, i'm wishing her well.

Great pic of your sweethearts, they look so happy. Bond is not my kind of good film either.

Lovely stitching as always

Tammy said...

I hope your Auntie recovers her health completely! Your projects are adorable!

Shellie said...

Lovely AOY card I just won that same kit of ebay lol.
Stuart looks like he really enjoyed his birthday
Hope ur Auntie is to full health very soon'
Happy Stitching
Hugs Shellie

Wendy said...

Hi Ginnie! Lovely pic of the Birthday Boy and your girls Glad he had a nice Birthday :-)
Lovely stitching hun, I'm stitching an AOY girl for my Aunts Birthday too!
Hope the Radiotheraphy goes Ok, Bless her.

stitcherw said...

Sounds like it was a good time with everyone coming over and then going to the movies for his birthday. Good luck to your Aunt with her upcoming treatment, that is going to be a difficult couple of weeks till treatment is over. Your stitched pieces looked great. The card was so cute, I'm sure your Aunt was thrilled with it.

Margaret said...

Hi Ginnie
Lovely photos. I loooove Bond. last week Sir Roger Moore was in NZ promoting his book and on Thursday Quantum of Solace opens here. Of course I will be going - but not this week!! Too much stitching to do and I have to get my priorites straight

Yuko said...

Lovely photos!
I love to see your daughters photos so much, they are always looking so fashonable and so lovely!!

Gaynor said...

Hi Ginnie, nice to see you back..Well done for actually getting some stitching done despite all that was going on around! I was quite lucky..sent my eldest son with dad to see Bond...had an evening in..perfect!
I hope your aunt will be Ok and not stress too much about the xmas shopping. she needs to concentrate on getting better...I am sure she will love her crd.
best wishes

loulee1 said...

I do hope your auntie is feeling better soon. Sometimes these cures are worse than the illness.
Look after yourself and those you love, blog when you can.

Cindy F. said...

That is the cutest card stitch! Love it! Bless your Aunt's heart. I hope she gets through her treatments without feeling too bad.
Glad dh had a great birthday.
Great progress on your cottage project too!

Imogen Montana said...

I'm really keen to see how your little house turns out...what a novel finishing idea! :)

Happy birthday to your hubby, and best wishes to your aunt...

Srinity said...

Oh that's a lovely card, I'm sure your aunt loves it. Glad to hear that you all had fun at the birthday party even though it was a long day. :)

becca said...

Wishing your Anutie well with her treatment!

Love the AOY card.

Gill - That British Woman said...

gosh you have been a busy bee..I hope your Auntie's treatment go well.

Gill in Canada