Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Happy 40th Birthday to my hubbie....

Today is Stuart's 40th Birthday, "Happy Birthday my dear"........he loved his stitched card and was pleased with how I had picked stuff that he had grown this year. Tonight we are having a chinese take away, then on Thursday we are going to the cinema to see the new James Bond film. I'm not a big Bond fan but Stuart is and wanted to see it, least Daniel Craig is quite good looking which will give me something to keep me interested!! Then on Saturday we are having a little party at home, just for a few friends and close family. So I have a busy week ahead! I have booked Friday off work so I can give the house a good tidy up, being a keen stitcher my house suffers!!! Oh well.
Here is a photo of me and Stuart, it was the best I could find of the 2 of us, I think it was taken 2 years ago. Stuart has put on lots of weight since we married and so hates having his picture taken nowadays. I will get some taken over the weekend though!!

As for any stitching...... I'll have to update that later or tomorrow as my photos of 'Family Tree' are still on my camera and I am at work at the moment!!!!! Just catching 5 mins to blog while the boss is at lunch.
Ginnie x


Shellie said...

Happy Birthday Stuart
Ginnie - Fancy neglecting your stitching to do house work
OPS or should that have been the other way round lol

Cindy F. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUART!! It sounds like you're having several fun days of celebrating:)

Ha! Mr. Right and I have both gained weight since we married! We've slowed down and seems our favorite hobby now is eating:)

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Staurt!!!
Hey I'm not married, but have gained weight for the 11 years we've been together!!
Sounds like you have lots of Celebrations in hand :-)
Have fun!!!!!

Gaynor said...

Happy birthday Stuart!!!!

Hope you all have a great time ;-)

Carla said...

Happy Birthday Stuart!!

Ranae said...

Happy Birthday!! Stuart
Ohhh! Chinese, he must be special, lol.
Have fun

Tanja said...

Happy birthday to Stuart! Ginnie, tell him he's one good looking man!
I'd want one like that any time :-)

Have fun with all the parties and going to the movies!