Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Santa knitting.

No I haven't been knitting this is my mom's work.... but he is staying at my house this Christmas!! He is a lovely cute Santa that Mom has just completed from a pattern in a knitting magazine. She intended to do two, one for me and one for herself..... but she didn't enjoy the stitching together part. So I get this one and she may do another for herself next year.

Laura got on well at her orthodontist appointment on Monday. She will need a lot of "brace" work but he seemed confident that they could get her teeth sorted. She will be called back around February time where they will start on her bottom teeth, take 2 out due to over crowding and then fit a brace. Then they'll work on her top teeth. Her bottom lip at the moment sits behind her top teeth so it doesn't help the problem, they hope it will fall back into it's proper place when her top teeth move back! Long job and she is nervous but she really wants to sort her teeth. She is having a tough week, she went down with a sore throat on Monday too, she has battled on at school then today she had her Grade 3 piano exam, which she was also very nervous for. Now she thinks she messed it up and has failed!!!

Mom and I had a nice Christmas shopping trip on Monday, I think I have most presents sorted now... just the wrapping to do!!

No stitching pictures I'm afraid, Stuart has nicked my camera for school.... blooming cheek!! I have told him I want it back tomorrow..... Henry now has a bit of face to go with his beard and some more of his blue tunic is finished. I have also finished another placecard, just one more to do now.

Ginnie x


Cindy F. said...

Love the Santa! Your mom did a beautiful job on him!
Bless Laura's heart....went through the braces thing over 35 years ago, but remember it well:)
But they are well worth it! Hope she feels better soon. I bet she did better than she thinks on her piana exam, even being nervous.

Daffycat said...

Tell Laura my Jessie had the same problem with her top teeth. It was amazing how quickly they moved into the correct place. Jessie says the worst part about braces are the spacers they place to fit the bands in...although none if it is a party!

Good luck, Laura!

Tanja said...

I just love the Santa your mum made, it's adorable! It reminds me of all the dolls my mum used to knit, she gave them all to charity, and I wish I had one here.

About braces, my two oldest daughters both had braces. When they started two years seemed a long time, but time flies and it is all so worth it.


Miss 376 said...

I remember it well too. May not be pleasant at the time, but so worth it as it avoids so much trouble when the wisdom teeth come through

Shellie said...

Wow well done Ginnies Mum Great santa

Srinity said...

Great santa! Your mum's a good knitter.

Wendy said...

Love your Santa!! What a lovely little thing to keep! Well done Ginnies Mum!!
Hey I had braces too, I had fixed Braces, top and Bottom, complete with little elastic bands I had to change every day, Before I had it done I was horrified at the prospect, but within a week I completly forgot they were there!
Can't wait to see Henry! Don't be hiding his from us!!

Julie said...

Well done mum on the santa, hes adorable.

Get well soon Laura.

Bring the camera home hubby, i want to see Henry LOL

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a lovely Santa, you are one lucky lady, I wish your mother could knit me one!!!

Gill in Canada

stitcherw said...

What a cute Santa, your mom did a great job. Sorry Laura is having such a rough week, hopefully things settle down and she's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

santa he is so wonderful,

i have not had braces but got the front 2 caped since aged 12, have to be really carefull what i eat as once had crsty loaf snaped one right off, since then broke 3 times, not easy.
Callum teeth look like he may need braces one day.

Angelcat said...

YOur Mum's Sanata is adorable!

Imogen Montana said...

Your mum's santa is certainly great! He makes me smile. Good luck to Laura with her braces...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh he's cute! Tell your Mum well done!