Sunday, 9 November 2008

Postman delivered a new one!

I had hoped to blog yesterday as I had a finish to show.... but my internet was down until the evening so I thought I'd wait until today.
Firstly I must show you what the postman bought me on Friday!! It is called Safe Haven by Derwentwater. I have loved this set of pictures for ages and another one is on my wishlist but I saw this one on Ebay last week - brand new unopened - going for £1.99 with no bids......... so I bided and won....yeah. They normally cost around £17 and I got it for £4 with the postage. I am not intending to start it yet, but it was a bargain I just couldn't resist!
Yesterday we went to look around Dudley College, although the girls don't leave school for another year and a half the college had an open day and Becky had been encouraged to go and see their Performing Arts department. She is considering doing a BTEC in Dance and loves this college especially as they have a ballet element to the course which other local colleges don't. It seems a great place, with a lovely theatre and dance studios and she is so excited as she really wants to get a place there. They also do 3 performances a year and it's a 2 year course, so we'll get to see her perform loads!
Now to my finish...... here is Peek a Boo Sagittarius. I am really pleased as I have finished this one in a week. I hope Grace likes it too when she gets it on her birthday! I will get them both mounted over the next week or two.

I am so close to finishing Stuart's too. All I have left is the back stitch around the cabbage and part of a strawberry! I have stitched the number 40 but think I will leave that as it is and not back stitch around that. Here it is -

The only thing I haven't started this week is my last Christmas gift. I will try to start that next week along with continuing on my Family Tree.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Ginnie x


Srinity said...

Wow that was really a goof bargain! It's beautiful.

I love Stuart's card. Great colours.

Srinity said...

I meant a gooD bargain. :D

Redwitch said...

Great bargain and stitching too :)

Miss 376 said...

Congratulations on your finish and a fantastic bargain. What a lovely piece to stitch

Wendy said...

Oh WOW! You have been BUSY!!!!!!! You did a great job on these projects! I am seriously jealous you got that Derwentwater kit for £4 !! What a bargain huh!!
I don't even know how to use Ebay ( And think its' better for me to stay that way!! LOL)

Sarah said...

I love the Sunsets range, I've only stitched one so far but have quite a few in my stash. Great bargain, I got most of mine from ebay too!

Julie said...

Great ebay bargain. Love Stuarts card and your latest finish.

Daffycat said...

Great ebay buy!I have to be soooo careful going on ebay...dangerous!

Wow, you are zipping along on your stitching!

Chiloe said...

I love your safe heaven !!! Can't wait to see it stitched ! And the price is wonderful!

Shellie said...

Fantastic bargain u got there Ginnie.
Saggi looks fantastic dont forget to yell if u need copies of the others in the series
Stuarts card is fantastic too im sure he will love it
have u mounted the poopies coaster yet
Happy Stitching
hugs Shellie

Gaynor said...

Great finishes and almost finishes....I am finding that a new puppy is not conducive to finishing anything hehe.

Cindy F. said...

So cool! Congrats on your great find of Safe Haven!
And congrats on your Sagi finish! Great progress on Stuart's gift too!

stitcherw said...

All kinds of goodies to post on. What a good deal you got on Safe Haven. Your Sagittarius and earlier Capricorn finish look wonderful too, very cute. Your also making lovely progress on Stuart's card, you'll have that done in no time. Glad to hear you're feeling better, hope you're totaly well soon.

Rowyn said...

It's always a great feeling to get a bargain! :-) The Derwentwater designs are very lovely. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great bargain and such a peaceful looking chart to do,

The last year and half will soon go quick, im sure your daughter will love going there,

Great stitching on your finish,

Take care

Sally said...

Now that is truly a bargain!

Love the Peek A Boo finish and Stuart's card is lovely.

Imogen Montana said...

What a sore on ebay!

Congrats on the finish and near-finish :)

becca said...

Great bargain! And great finish!

You have been tagged by me..come to my blog to learn all about it!

Faizan said...

I went to Dudley College for Graphic Design. It was a great experience in my opinion. :-)

- Faizan