Friday, 31 October 2008

Peekaboo finished.

I have been a bad blogger this week, I haven't posted since Monday and I don't seem to have been keeping up with everyone elses blog. I'll try to get better!
I have been stitching though.... Started on Henry again on Monday evening, I decided to work up his body so I can get to his head! I stitched lots of dark brown for the edge of his jacket and then realised it was one square too far to the right!!! Several swear words later I sat and unpicked all the brown and then put him away in disgust!!!
Tuesday I managed to stitch a lot more on him, with Becky in London I needed to keep busy, and the weather was very wintery here - we had snow! So I stayed warm by the fire and stitched. Becky got back safely at 11pm and had really enjoyed herself.
Wednesday I had to go back to work and as I had been away a few days I had lots of work to catch up on, also the boss and the sales guys were back so no sneaky stitching! At stitch club I worked on Capricorn peekaboo. As this was close to be completed I worked on it Thursday night also and now it is done:-

I am pleased with how it looks, I'm sure she'll love it, although I think the goat has a "mean" expression!! I will start Sagittarius over the weekend.

Tonight I will work on Henry again, the girls are off to a Halloween party so I'll have time to myself again.

I have also decided I want to do the 3D Christmas Cottage below -

This was in a Cross Stitcher magazine last year but I was put off with buying all the plastic canvas it asked for. But looking at it again, this is only to back the walls and roof, not to stitch on. So I am going to use cardbroad instead - it'll do the same job I'm sure. I am really keen to start this but will try to hold on until I finish Stuart's birthday card - which I hope will be next week.

Anyway I had better go and get ready for work, I am sitting typing this in my PJ's and dressing gown..... Happy Halloween everyone........

Ginnie x


Wendy said...

I like your cross stitch projects. I'm working on Paak-A-Boo too, but it is different from yours. Love to stitch.

Bye, Wendy

Gaynor said...

Happy Halloween!!
I love the Capricorn work. And yes, that goat is def. up to something. I dont think magazines do these charts justice, because I considered doing th gemini but wasnt sure. Now I have seen yours, it looks so much better, I think I might give it a go!

Wendy said...

I Love your Capricorn Ginnie! Very impressive!! Takes me all my time to do a tiny card!! The house would be adorable! Keep us posted!

Miss 376 said...

So sorry to hear Henry hasn't been behaving, so frustrating. Hope he hasn't put you of forever, but so nice to have a lovely finish to make you feel better

zetor said...

Miss Capricorn is so cute. I'm sure the Christmas design will turn out lovely too.

Annie said...

The Capricorn piece is very cute. Can't wait to hear about the joys of construction!

Allie said...

Happy Haloween. Congratulations on finishing Capricorn, it is very cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginnie
Happy Halloween to you and your family,
Your not a bad blogger, its that time of year when we are all so busy,
Peekaboo looks great,
Happy stitching for tonight,

Julie said...

Capricorn looks great as does your other work, we had snow too, and its still cold!

Joan ((*_*)) said...

Hello! How are U?
I know what 'one to the right' means, been there done that. Love Peekaboo well done. Have a good weekend...Cheers Joan ((*_*))

Cindy F. said...

Such a pretty Capricorn stitch:)
Congratulations on your finish!!
Happy Halloween!

Charlene said...

Hey .. your Capricorn is beautiful.

Shellie said...

Great finish Ginnie
Let me know if you want any others from the collection I have most of them from the mags
Cant wait to see the house done

Happy Stitching

Sharon said...

Cute finish! Congrats.

Wendy said...

that Henry is quite a lucky guy, with all this female attention !
but all fun aside, your work and your blog are beautiful , I'm sure I'll strole around here more often !

Jean said...

Ooohhh..... I feel your pain! I have done more ripping out now that I'm stitching during night shifts! It's not only a pain in the neck, but you just feel like you've wasted so much time! Sometimes it's just what you've got to do - other times you can leave it.

Love your work - don't worry about blogging - it's supposed to be fun. What better way than in jammies!!

Tammy said...

I think your Capricorn looks great! The goat is cute--not mean looking at all. Adorable. Sorry you have no sneaky stitching lately!

Imogen Montana said...


I have really enjoyed checking out your blog of late (my own stitching isn't satisfying enough, I have to live vicariously through others).

Congrats on your Capricorn's always great to get a projet finished.

I will be back to check your blog again :)


AnnMcD said...

That little house looks really sweet...
Thank You for your kind comment on my blog about the stolen items. It is pretty discouraging to have something like that happen but I am feeling very good about all the generous comments that are coming from everyone who feels bad for me.

Angelcat said...

I inherited a bag full of sheets of plastic canvas from my Gran when she passed away a couple of years ago. If you let me know what you need for your pattern, I'd be happy to see if I have something to fit. A gift from one stitcher to another :)

Catta said...

very nice,compliments!