Saturday, 4 October 2008

Good and bad times

I have had a strange few days of highs and lows. Firstly my mom had a lovely surprise when she opened my cushion on her birthday. She really loved it and was quite emotional about it on the phone to me!! She has since showed it off to her neighbour, her hairdresser etc....
Sadly we had some upsetting news on her birthday; my Auntie (who I am doing the bookmark for) had been called back after a mammogram to investigate a lump! We had to wait until Friday to hear the outcome. It is a small cancerous tumor but the Doctor is very optimistic that it can be fully removed with only a small amount of surgery and after a course of radio theraphy she should make a good recovery. So still a little worrying but looks very hopeful. When my mom called my Auntie's daughter (my cousin) it turned out they had had an even worse week as her husband's mother had passed away on Monday!
So not the best of birthdays for my mom, but we still managed to go out for a lovely meal last night. We have a fantastic Chinese Resturant just down the road called the Emerald, the girl's love it there too... we eat loads and the girls tried squid and duck!!! I was so full and tired when we got home that I was unable to do any stitching!!
Our other good news on Friday was that Laura has managed to secure a work experience place at her old primary school and she as over the moon. She has decided she wants to be a Nursery School Teacher now when she is older and I think she'll be great at it. Just need to sort Becky's place out now... this has been such a nightmare!
I have been doing well on Henry though, my other colours arrived so I have all I need now. Several of you asked what the final picture was like.... well I only have this small one that came with the scanned chart.... but you can at least see how it will look eventually.
I forgot to mention on my last post about my Pooh chart. As only Shellie and Deb requested to be entered in the draw I felt a bit mean just picking one of them.... so I sorted them both out with some Pooh goodies!
I will update my Henry stitching now on Sunday or Monday, I am going to get back to it now while Stuart is busy starting his Christmas Cake (he always does it early so he can add plenty of booze to it over the weeks!) I am very lucky as I am a bad cook and Stuart is a good cook!! So he does most of the cooking in our house... yeah!!!
Have a good weekend.
Ginnie x


Julie said...

OMGoodness Ginnie ... i saw Henry there and thought you had completed it in record time LOL

Hope all goes well for your Auntie.

Hazel said...

Sorry about all the bad news! Hope things start to improve soon. You so should do a biscornu. They are so easy and very addictive. xx

Miss 376 said...

Sorry about your aunt, but hopefully everything should turn out well in the end. Henry is going to look fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing this one come alive

Jean said...

Wow - that Henry piece is just lovely!!

I'm sorry about the cancer news. It's so hard to deal with as a woman- it touches our vulnerable spot. It sounds like an early diagnosis and good prognosis so that is encouraging. I know you will go through ups and downs through this ordeal as will your mother and Auntie. I will pray for you all through this time.

Shell said...

glad your Mum loved the cushion.Hope things get better soon for your family

Tracy said...

Wow, I can't wait to see Henry's progress.

Hope everything goes well for your's good to have a strong family to get through rough times.

mimimira said...

Sorry about the troubles you and your family have. Hope everything will be ok in the end.
Wow, Henry is very impressive, it would be very intresning for me to follow its progress

Shellie said...

Soory avbout all your sad news. Glad ur Mum loved her cushion knoew she would thio as it was stunning
Thanx for the chart it arrived safely the other day sorry hadnt told you soon but things getting a bit on top of me here i will no doubt blog about RL when I can get my head round it
Hugs Shellie

Daffycat said...

It's so nice to give handcrafted gifts to those who really appreceiate them. I'm glad your mom liked the cushion! Hugs for your aunt & mom.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that cross stitch is going to be impressive when it is finished. Sorry about all the bad news. I have just called my dad to see if he has made his Christmas Cake yet. He's not making one as no one really likes Christmas cake in the family (including me.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt. My thoughts are with you and your family.