Monday, 27 October 2008

Progress reports.

Here were my goals for last week -
  • Start the next Christmas gift - coaster for MiL yes, started and finished.
  • Work on Stuart's 40th card - yes, have worked a lot of the greens, completed the strawberries and radishs.

  • At least half complete Capricorn - yes I think I have done more than half, just need to complete the trousers, the goat and the title. And of course the rest of the back stitch as there is a lot of that!

  • Complete at least 4 placecards - No ! Only completed 3, another 3 to go.
  • Complete back stitching on a cute Christmas penguin I have been working on for ages!! - yes, is waiting to be mounted on card.

So not bad I reckon.

I am on 2 days holiday this week so have managed to get plenty of stitching done. Yesterday after our successful shopping trip I worked on Stuart's card. Today I have done some decorating in Laura's room but also finished another Christmas ornament I started a short while ago. The chart asked for 14ct red aida but I only had 18ct so it is smaller but still cute. Just need to make it into an ornament now..... the fun part!!

This week I am reverting back to my rota - because it is Henry and wives week. But I also want to continue with the Capricorn project and Stuart's 40th as I only have a few weeks to complete them.

Tomorrow Becky is off to London with 4 other friends from dancing who are 18. I am a little nervous as she is only 14 and London is a big scary place! But they are going to the Pineapple Dance Studio for some lessons and she is so excited I have to be brave and just let her go. I know she is sensible and so are the girls she is going with and they have all been before. Early start though... her train is at 8am!!!

Many thanks for all your good wishes for my Aunt, she has had her operation today and we are told she is "comfortable" will hear more tomorrow after my uncle has visited her tonight.

Right off to find Henry!!

Ginnie x


Gaynor said...

What a lot you have done!!! Given me a kickup the bum, am now going to go and sew lol.
I can remember my daughter being 14..she is now 20 and nothing prepares you for how scarey it can be to be the mum of a teenage girl. I am sure she will be fine,. I can remember when Zara went to visit friends in london at 17..I was up all night because I knew she would go out with them in the evening. Turned out she bullied them all into going to a Gay club because she had been told they were less likely to result in any violence...and it was, they were all looked after beautifully.
Wish I had had some faith in her, I might have got some sleep!! Wish she had told me that was what she was going to do...I might have got some sleep hehe.

Shellie said...

Great work Ginnie love hubbys card and peekaboo do great too so sweet
Happy Stitching and chat soon
Hugs Shellie

Angelcat said...

wow you have been busy, what a lot of stitching you have done. I have had one of those weekends where everything I touched went wrong, so all I have to show for the last few days is a queue of stuff waiting to be frogged :)

Miss 376 said...

It is so hard letting the children have a little freedom. I am sure she will have a great time and I hope your stitching will help to keep your mind occupied. You've managed to get a lot done and I am looking forward to seeing Henry

Wendy said...

Wow you have been so busy!! I'm very impressed!! I LOVE the star on the red aida, that is so lovely! I've only ever made pictures and cards, although I cross stitch, I can't actually sew anything!! Ornaments are way too daunting!!
Hope your daughter has a great time!! ..xx..

Cindy F. said...

You really have been busy! Everything is so pretty! Great pieces! I hope your daughter has a good time:)

ilovejack34 said...

You have alot of great WIPS :), hope your daughter has a good time in London :)

Anonymous said...

You have done so much, the xmas star is great working on red must be much better than the navy im working on,
Not touched mine for days,
Have a great time with Henry be great to see him,
Take care

loulee1 said...

Phew, that all sounds so busy! I'm worn out reading it. Isn't it great to get things done and be able to move on and plan more. Your snowflake looks cute.

Tracy said...

You've done a lot of work...very nice. I have a teenager too and I worry constantly. She'll be driving very soon and that makes me REALLY nervous. But, you do have to believe you raised them good enough so that they make good choices. Good luck on the rest of your projects. I can't wait to see Henry.

Karin said...

Great progress! Hope your DD has a great trip to London.

Ranae said...

You have did some wonderful progress on your goals.
I love poppies, the coaster design is awesome.
I am sure your daughter will have a blast.

Gill - That British Woman said...

gosh you are such a busy are inspiring me to make an effort in starting to cross stitch again, I just have some sewing to do for Christmas.

Gill in Canada