Thursday, 2 July 2009

Small updates

On my last post I forgot to mention that this week is a busy week for me also, so I am sneaking in a quick posting now while I'm at work.
Both last night and tonight I am helping sell refreshments at school, and after a busy (ish) day at work and the killing heat we have here at the moment I haven't stitched as much as I would have liked. Luckily I am also having a night away this coming weekend so may get some free time to stitch. Just Stuart and I are going to Hereford for a break away (about hour and half drive from us) the girls and the dog are being looked after by my mom and dad. I am looking forward to a chance to finally get away and de-stress.... it seems ages since I had any kind of break as last year's summer holiday was a disaster.
I will tell you all about it next week.
Back to stitching, here is my Family Tree progress from last week. Not much to show I'm afraid, just another name box done and some of the line borders and tree.

I was hoping to finish my poppy card to show today but I didn't quite make it. I only have a little of the poppy and one white flower left though, so will get it done by the weekend. I love poppies and think this looks lovely.

An update on my giveaway stitching for Maggie, it is stitched I am just making it into the ornament now. With me going away at the weekend it'll probably be in the post next week.

The girl's work experience is going really well, they are both having a good time but didn't realise how tiring it was working !!! I think they are looking forward to the weekend too so they can get more sleep!! We also managed to speak to Becki's head of year last night and told her how upset she had been about not receiving an award. She was very nice and said Becki was always an excellent pupil and always very well behaved and sadly got over looked sometimes. She is going to speak to Becki when they return to school. Still doesn't give her an award but least she feels a little more appreciated.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I believe the weather here in the UK is supposed to be a little cooler.... phew !!! (never happy are we!)

Ginnie x


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The family is growing, very nice, and I love the little poppy project. CJ ok;-)

Miss 376 said...

I've really struggled to stitch with this heat, my hands get too hot. enjoy your weekend

Annette said...

Great progress on the family tree.
Lovely little poppy

Gaynor said...

Ha! bet you are really jealous of our rain then rofl.
Glad you sorted Dss teacher out. It is too easy to miss the quiet ones even though they are often the hardest working!
Lovely stitching as always ;-)

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. I have the poppy in my to do list. Your family tree is looking great (I dare not show my mum she will want me to do one).

Srinity said...

The poppy is very pretty. We had really hot weather for a week and now it's getting cooler. Easier to stitch, sleep and so on now as it's not so hot anymore. :)

Sharon said...

Ginnie, your Family Tree looks absolutely stunning. It's sure going to be a treasure once finished.

Enjoy your "get away"...relax as much as you can, and stitch till your hearts content. Hoping you'll come back home all nicely refreshed.

Julie said...

Enjoy your weekend away.
Way too hot here to stitch this week

Clare - Aimetu said...

Love the poppy :) It's great to hear the work experience is a success.

mimimira said...

The family tree is steadily growing!
The poppy is sweet, I like it very much!

stitcherw said...

Looking over your last couple posts you've been quite busy with stitching. Henry is looking great, and I love your earlier finishes, in particular August is so bright and cheerful. Congrats on finishing Lilliput Lane too, that's a lovely piece. Your poppy card is look bright and cheerful too, and your tree is coming along nicely. Have fun on your getaway.

Shellie said...

great progress on both projects
Hope you have a great w/e away.
Wish it was cooler its sweltering here again but rain forecast next week
Happy Chilling
Hugs Shellie

Sally said...

Both your pieces are looking good Jayne. The poppy is so pretty.

Hope you enjoy your night away.

Tracey said...

Love your little poppy design,
Its been a while since i visited your blog you have been so busy, due to my blog went wrong so here i am with a new blog and start

Take care

Lula said...

The family tree is looking wonderful. I'm so looking forward to seeing this finished