Sunday, 12 July 2009

I'm a sewing machine wizard.

Actually the title is a bit mis leading.... yes I have been using my little sewing machine this afternoon.......... and yes I am very pleased with my final results........ but no, I am no wizard coz if I was it wouldn't have kept breaking my thread and making me swear !!!!
I finally got around to finishing my Lizzie Kate - Housework piece using the bell pull end. It is now proudly hanging in my lounge. The only thing I am not happy with is the way you can see through some of the fabric in the middle of the stitching, also one tab is slightly wonky!! But for a first attempt I am very happy!!!

I then made Becky a draw string bag for her new ballet shoes, using some pretty ballet material on the front and plain blue material on the back. I then used the blue material for a casing too...... I will take a photo of this when I get the cording and it is complete.

I have also finished the August piece, although I hand stitched this yesterday. I think it needs something around the edge.... so I think a trip to the sewing shop is called for as I haven't much in the way of trimmings !!I will start the September one in a few weeks.
Lastly here is the piece of stitching finished for the Good Luck card I am making for Becki's friend when she leaves dancing. The cat and horseshoe were supposed to be 3 stitches lower.... but somewhere my counting went terribly wrong.... oh well it still looks good !!

Henry is coming along well to, I have been working on wife number 6 some more. I will continue on that tonight and update you in the week as normal.

Just to end this post here is baby George (now 7 weeks old) we went to visit him for the first time yesterday...... this is a lovely photo of the back of my head (pleased to see no grey hairs showing!!) He was very cute and it was lovely to hold a baby again....but just as nice to pass him back to his mom !!!!

Happy stitching,

Ginnie x


Gaynor said...

Well, I am very impressed. I think you have done a wonderful job on the wall hanging and you should be very proud.
As a complete novice at finishing myself, I am in awe ;-)
Lovely stitching as always..and very cute baby. I am at that stage too...nice to hold and cuddle, very nice to give back lol

Miss 376 said...

Well done Jayne, you've done a really wonderful job. Look forward to seeing the ballet bag

Annette said...

You finished it very good wit the sewing machine.
The other finish are very lovely

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Congrats on your sewing finishes. Good stitching too. CJ ok;-)

Rowyn said...

Gorgeous wall hanging, it looks amazing! Well done. Nice pillow and card too.

Srinity said...

The Housework piece looks great. I thought is was ment to show some green through in the middle. :)

Shellie said...

Great work hun I love all that you have done.
i bet u enjoyed baby cuddles its my turn today my mate is bringing over her 2 week old baby cant wait
Hugs and Happy Stitching shellie

Lula said...

The wall hanging is lovely. And lovely finishes and gorgeous gorgeous baby.

mimimira said...

Great finishes, Ginnie! Congratulations!

Julie said...

Fab job on the hanging Ginnie, its great. Love the card and ornie too.

Baby cuddles are so lovely, that smell of johnsons mmmmmm

Clare - Aimetu said...

Love the LK- great finishing on the machine.

Good photo of George too.

Sally said...

You've made a lovely job of your first wall hanging Jayne:)

Carla said...

Great finishes,Ginnie!
I think the wall hanging turned out fantastic!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love that saying for the housework, where did you get the pattern from?

All your work is lovely.

Gill in Canada

Sharon said...

Love the wall hanging! Great job!