Sunday, 28 June 2009

Still here !

I bet some of you wondered if I had disappeared off the face of the earth..... as it has been a whole week since I posted. But I am still here and well, just had a busy and at times stressful week.
Firstly I had to take Laura to the dentist on Wednesday morning to have 2 teeth out. (All part of the Brace fitting etc) Laura has a very bad track record with the dentist as she is very nervous about going and once refused to have a filling when she saw the needle!! So I was just as nervous as her not knowing how it would go. Luckily she was really brave in the end, although I had to stay with her and hold her hand, she got through it relativley easily. She just has another 2 to go in a few weeks.
Then on Thursday Stuart was unwell with flu like symptoms...... I had to check up the facts on Swine Flu, just in case as we have lots of cases in the midlands..... but I think it was only a bit of normal flu. Even so I had to wait on him hand and foot !!!!! At the same time we were trying to confirm the DJ for the school Prom on Friday night (some of you may remember we are part of the parent support group and organise it every year) We kept leaving messages on his phone but had no reply, we thought we would have to find someone else at short notice but finally on Thursday evening we tracked down a new number for him..... and sorted it.
Then on Friday - Prom Night - the weather turned, we had heavy rain in the afternoon and we had visions of not being able to get the group photo they always have. Luckily in the end the rain held off and we had a fantastic night once again. Although Stuart was still unwell and didn't attend. On top of that Becki was upset on Friday as she found out for the 2nd year running she hadn't been picked for an award at Presentation Night..... and Laura had. We were sad too because she works very hard, has predicted A/B grades on all her GCSEs but just doesn't get noticed! Yet the child who got excluded for a few days last year for drinking alcohol in school got an award etc etc... it seems very unfair.
As you can imagine my stitching has suffered from all this...... but I did have 2 finishes earlier in the week that made up for it.
Here is my Lilliput Lane that I have been doing as a SAL. Never thought I would finish this, the back stitch was a nightmare...... but here it is -
I also finished Friends are like Angels, which I just love -
And then this is my Poppy card for Becky's teacher..... a bit to go still yet but I'll aim to get it completed by next week.

I have done some of my Family Tree this week, but not much, so I am going back to work on that now.

I have 2 weeks of not having to take the girls to school now as they have works experience. Laura is at the primary school just minutes from our door working in the Foundation years.... so will walk and Becky is going to Stuart's school to teach dance, so Stuart will take her. Bliss !!

Until next time......

Ginnie x


Gaynor said...

Poor Becky.

Tell her to sod the teachers...I went though my whole school life unseen. When I got my exam results, the head of year said how surprised he was at my great grades..even though I was in the top 5 of every class I was in..every year! I dont think he even knew who I was.I had to plan a school reunion 20 years later just so I could tell the head of year what an arse he was...was well worth it;-)
Lovely stitching as always!

Maggie said...

Glad the weather turned better for prom night!
We have all had colds too, something doing the rounds! Stevie first, then Mark cause he had man flu and took to bed, lol,) then i got up with it on Thursday, better today though than i was!
Isn't always the way that the one that tries gets overlooked, my eldest always had to try really hard to get good grades and my middle one hardly had to try at all to get top marks (& is quite lazy!!) Stevies has to put the work in to get the grades but is lazy, lol. You never have two the same!!
I love your liliput lane finish, bet that back stitch gave you nightmares, lol but worth it eh?

Miss 376 said...

For a stressful week, you've done some nice stitching. I hope the girls enjoy their work experience

Julie said...

Beautiful finishes.

You have 2 beautiful and talented daughters Ginnie, you must be so proud of them both. Hope hubby is so feeling better.

Lesleyanne said...

Beautiful finishes. I love the Lilliput Lane one but the backstitch puts me off.

I'm with Gaynor tell Becky the only ones that matter are her nearest and dearest and they know best.

Sharon said...

Ginnie, it certainly does sound as you've had your hands full! I do hope things will slow down a bit, and you get some well deserved relaxing kind of time.

Sorry to hear of Stuart being sick. Do hope though that no one else has caught it. That Swine Flu is horrible...glad Stuart didn't have it!!!

Your finishes are beautiful! Happy dancing with you on these. Woohoo!

Happy Stitching

Sally said...

Lovely finish, Jayne, and a very pretty WIP.

Isn't always the same when they work their butts off and don't get recognition yet someone like that does.

Tammy said...

Your WIPS are great! Oh, I remember having to have a couple teeth out for braces--no fun, but I wanted my braces so bad!