Sunday, 1 March 2009

My Birthday

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes, I had a lovely day. I was lucky enough to get a cup of tea and 2 bourbon biscuits in bed!! I spent most of the morning in my PJs and Dressing gown just relaxing and stitching. In the afternoon I went for a cup of tea and chocolate cake at my mom and dads, then last night we went out for a lovely meal.
Here is a photo of my presents. I have to wait for my phone because it was "out of stock" so will try again in the week. I also had lots of lovely cards, last count I had 20 and I think I have two more to come!!

This is me and the girls just before we went out. The blouse is new too, I bought it with the money my MIL gave me and I intend to wear it next week at the wedding reception too. Laura also has her new wedding outfit on, Becky was having a strop and decided to wear her jeans!!

Also managed to get hubbie to have a photo taken with me, he hates his picture being taken because he is conscious of his weight.... but I managed to persuade him!!
I have had a couple of small finishes, firstly the pink ornament for the "Stitching for a Cure" cause. I was determined to finish this by the weekend because I wanted to use my new sewing machine to stitch it together. Here it is with the backing fabric. Since taking the photo I have used my machine and it is complete...... picture next time. My machine was good but need to get an extention lead sorted to sew with it on my table... the lead wouldn't reach the plug!

I have also finished the little piece for my mom's Mother's Day card and the top part of the biscornu. I will show you those on my next posting.

Now I have my new sewing machine I seem to want to stitch things I can finish using it!! I have started the cushion I mentioned last time and I have seen another design I want to make into a cushion for Becky. In the latest Cross Stitcher magazine there are some "Easter Cones" they have some pretty coloured cross stitch chickens on a band that is then attached to a Cone shape that you have to machine stitch together then fill the cone with mini eggs!! So I want to attempt 2 of them for the girls for Easter.

Next week I am back working on My Family Tree, I have already wound the fabric back up to the top so I can continue with the names of my great grandparents.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Ginnie x


Gaynor said...

Wow..what lovely gifts.
And you all look so nice. Hope you meal out was good.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday
Lovely pictures and lots of nice gifts.

loulee said...

Happy Birthday.

Tammy said...

Awesome gifts Ginnie and Happy Birthday! What a nice family you have. Your Hope ornament is so pretty-love all that pink!

Lisa said...

What a great birthday - and tell DH nobody I know likes skinny guys anyway. (Well, mostly me but I'm the only one who counts.)

Wendy said...

Hi Jayne! Glad you had a lovely Birthday! nice pressies :-) ( Love the Bag!) Your "hope" stitching is beautiful, I have Xstitcher too, those Easter cones are so pretty! Your family pics are Fab, and your Hubby is daft,he looks great! Being overweight, I'm self consious too though.
Have a fab week

Theresa said...

Your photos look lovely. I am so glad you had a nice birthday.

Miss 376 said...

So good to see you put your pressies to good use, you will have fun with your sewing machine

Erica said...

Happy Birthday Ginnie! Many more!

Donna said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy biiiiirrrrrthday to Ginnie, happy birthday to you! Did you like my singing?
I can't wait to see the ornament in person. You did a great job on it!

stitcherw said...

Lovely gifts and pictures of your family. Your stitching is very pretty too, the backing fabric looks perfect for it.

Cindy F. said...

Happy Birthday again! I'm happy it was so wonderful! Your gifts are so nice:) Pretty family pics...and tell your husband he photos very handsomely!
Good job on the ornie stitch!

Daffycat said...

Lovely pressies! That sewing machine will be so handy! Wonderful pics of the family too.

Glad to know you had a happy birthday. Many happy returns!

Rowyn said...

Happy birthday. Lovely photos of you and your family.

Mylene said...

Belated happy birthday!! Great pictures of your family.

Gill - That British Woman said...

A belated happy birthday from me. I too have a March birthday (15th) You got a lot of lovely things.

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

Nice photos of you and your family. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Lovely hope piece.