Sunday, 15 March 2009

Finally framed!

I finally got a bigger frame this weekend to get "Dusky Dreams" framed. I bought it off Ebay for a good price, I wish the frame had been a little darker to match the brown stitching, but I still like it! This was harder to frame as I had to keep it as square as possible.... I think it went ok. I have stood it on the fire place.

Otherwise I have worked on Country Idyll this week. I love working on this even though it has so many colours.... especially greens. But being on a small hand held frame it is easier to work on. I would have done more but I have had either a headache or stomach ache most of the weekend. You can see the top of the little old car emerging and the left of the cottage, showing the tree trunks, is complete.

Today Stuart has been out all day down in Kent for an American Football match, so the girls, mom and I went to the cinema to see The Young Victoria. I love history stuff and costume dramas.... and I loved this, I thought they all played really good parts.
Tomorrow I have booked the day off work and dad and I are going family history researching. It has been ages since we have actually been to a records office to search the old documents so I am really looking forward to it.
If I can get rid of this stupid headache tonight I will work on Pete and Lesley's Silver Wedding card that I started in the week.
Until next time... happy stitching

Ginnie x


Jean said...

The frame looks great - it really sets off the cross stitch.

I'm so sorry about your headache. It can certainly put a damper on things- hope it's gone for your day off!

I will enjoy following the progress on the car and cottage!

Erica said...

It looks just lovely framed!
If you wanted to make the frame just a bit darker you could rub that brown furiture wax on it, It wouldn't change it in a big way but it might give it a darker hue.
It looks lovely just the way it is though!

Miss 376 said...

Hope the headache clears and you enjoy the day with your dad. Good progress on the stitching

Julie said...

Beaautiful frame, it looks super.

Have fun on your day at the records office.

Rowyn said...

Great framing, it looks great.

Have fun with your family research. I work on my family tree from time to time, and it's so interesting!

Shellie said...

Great Framing Ginnie and love the Country Idle.
Hope yu feel better today and have fun reseacrhing you family
Happy Stitching

Nicola said...

The framing looks lovely. I shall enjoy watching your Country Idyll progress.

Annie said...

I think I caught your headache.

The framed piece looks beautiful. I love those colors.

Tammy said...

Nice framing job on Dusky Dreams. Country Idyll is coming along quite nicely as well :0)

zetor said...

Both pieces of stitching look lovely. Pleased you liked the movie, I would like to see it myself. Been reading a lot about Victoria lately.

mimimira said...

Your frame piece looks great! Very exquisite! Congratulations!

Sally said...

Dusky Dreams looks so pretty in that frame.

Lovely progress on Country Idyll.

Angela said...

The frame looks wonderful, you did a great job :)

Hope your headache is all gone now, it's difficult to stitch with them.

You have some beautiful projects on the go.

Lucy said...

I really like that Country Idyll...I really like the colors in it. Hope you feel better soon!

Kathy said...

Lovely Ginnie, I have that piece it was made into a cushion for me I must take a pic and show everyone.

I just love the colours in gorgeous. Congrats on your piece too it looks lovely framed.

Hugs xxxx