Saturday, 7 March 2009

A cute introduction.

After the upset in January for my parents of losing their little dog they have taken the plunge again and now have a new member of the family. Here is the little fella, this was taken by the dog's home he was in. Poor little thing was abandoned by his family, they moved out and left him in the house on his own. Luckily he was found and sent to a local rescue centre, he is very skinny and scruffy but adorable. He came to mom and dad's house on Wednesday and seems to be settling in well, they have called him Scamp... because he is!!!!! Today he has meet Marshall at our house and they got on fine. His coat and fur is so bad though he has to have a good cut next week..... so he'll be bald for a bit!!!
I have just one piece of stitching to show so far this week and I have to thank Lucy for her inspiration and initially Plum Street Samplers (think that was the name) for part of the chart. My daughters are BIG Twilight fans so I saw what Lucy had been stitching on her blog and decided to have a go at my own. So I studied the Twilight logo and charted the words, then stitched them with 1 and 2 strands of bright white DMC cotton on black fabric. I then made the apple logo slightly smaller and stitched that on the side. I have bought an eyelet kit (off ebay!!) and intend to make a tag/key ring for the girls. I am pleased with my first small attempt at creating my own chart, even if it was only charting letters! Only done this one so far...... will have to do another...... then of course all their friends may want one..... what have I let myself in for!!!
I have worked on my Family Tree and my spring cushion and will show you some photos of those after the weekend. I have also finished the bottom part of my biscornu and have just started to stitch it up.
Yesterday I had my new birthday phone delivered, along with a new bed for Becky. We have been dismantling her old one this afternoon and will be putting the new one together tomorrow. Tonight she gets to sleep on just her mattress!! Here is my phone, I really like it. It is a walkman too so need to get some music on it yet, but do have all my contacts on at least!!

Tonight we are off to Phil and Nicky's wedding reception, the girls and I have been to the hairdressers and I have just wrapped up "I Do". Looking forward to going out.... so no stitching tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ginnie x


Miss 376 said...

They will make lovely keyrings. Hope you have a great evening

Jean said...

Good job designing! Sometimes even simple word designs can be challenging. I love how it looks- the apple came out really nice!

Julie said...

Cute little fluffball.
Well done on 'Twilight'
Enjoy your night out.

Donna said...

Great job. Your girls and their friends will love them. The little puppy is so cute!

Wendy said...

Awww Scamp is so cute! And really suits his name! Hope he settles in really quickly.
Your Twilight is brill!! Well done on Charting it yourself!
You'll have all their friends queueing up now!

Gaynor said...

Well done with Twilight..and such a gorgeous dog...Our rescue dog is lovely, well worth the sleepless nights and hard workhe took in the first few weeks...really one of the family now!

Shave such a cute dog was dumped..think it will happen more and more in the recession;-(

Chiloe said...

I love the dog !!! How can someone abandon such a cute doggie? :-((

zetor said...

'Twilight' is lovely. Scamp is adorable, looks so much fun.How can peple abandon them.

Tara said...

Awww Ginnie i'm so pleased that your mum & dad rescued little scamp i always find that getting a pet after a loss does of course not replace them but makes life a little more happier all little creatures have their own personalities and characters,he is so adorable, i would love to make up my own law for those people that get animals then abandon them or mistreat them, i was a vet and seen so many sad cases but also very many happy why my house is full of strays....Well done on "twilight"
Lots of love xxxxx

Theresa said...

oh what a gorgeous little doggy. It is so sad that people can be so horrible to them. I am sure he will love living with your mum and dad and I am sure they will love him to bits

Tammy said...

I'm so glad that sweet little raggamuffin doggie was rescued! Now he can be pampered and spoiled and hopefully he will forget what his previous owners did when they abandoned him! I love the "Twilight" piece you did!

Redwitch said...

Cute doggie and so much the nicer for being a rescue pup too :)

Great stitching and designing! Happy Belated Birthday too, sorry I missed it, not been online much recently. Looks like you had a ball :)

Cindy F. said...

That breaks my heart to hear Scamp was just abandoned! How can people do that!!! I'm so glad your parents now have him to love:)
You did an awesome design on Twilight! This could be your next calling;)
Love your birthday phone!!

Lucy said...

Wow...great job on the Twilight stitching. And you created it yourself!! I'm almost done with mine....just have to put it together. The black cloth was really hard for me to work on....just couldn't see the darn holes without a white paper or cloth always behind it.