Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The tree grows some more

I promised an update on "Family Tree" and here it is - I said I had rolled it up back to the top so I could do more of the names. I have stitched the 2 boxes with my great grandparents names in and a little of the tree, border and blue edge. It is getting there slowly, I am still enjoying working on it I just find the large frame hard work!!
Here is my spring cushion, not much to show yet. It is mainly a geometric type pattern with lovely bright colours. The design makes a heart shape but I will make a square cushion.
The wedding reception on Saturday night. It was held in a barn conversion function room at a hotel. It was a lovely room but a little full and therefore hard to get to the food and the bar... but we managed. I didn't take many photos but here is one of the happy couple having a first dance together! Me and the girls did lots of dancing.... well especially Laura she had a great time!! We also got to see baby Grace who was so pretty, she was fast asleep and is apparantly very good. Helen loved the Somebunny card I made, I have yet to hear if "I Do" was liked as they didn't open any presents on the night.
This week I my working on my Country Idyll again, I have been working on the car and the tree so far. I would also like to start my Silver Wedding card this week, I have found a design in an old issue of cross stitcher I just need to sort my fabric and threads.
Hope you all have a good week.
Ginnie x


Shellie said...

Great work and what a gorgeous bride n groom
Happy Stitching

Miss 376 said...

Lovely to see the tree growing so well. This looks like it will be a cheerful cushion

Annie said...

Lovely couple. They look very happy.

I always think it's fun to stitch in the names. That goes pretty quick and then you really feel the progress.

Gaynor said...

The tree looks fantastic..and the cushion will be wonderful.

Jean said...

I just love the family tree! It will be treasured for generations to come! Great job!

Young love- they look so sweet!

Maggie said...

Great work on your family tree, it will make a real talking point. bride & Groome look very happy, glad you had a good night, it's always fun to dance:-)

Margaret said...

Hi Ginny I love the tree. liek you I find large frames hard work!

Julie said...

Pretty colours on the 'spring', the family tree is going to be so special.
Nice pic of the bride and groom.

Sally said...

Your family tree is looking fantastic! What a wonderful project.

stitcherw said...

What a great picture of their dance, they look so happy. Your WIP's are looking wonderful too. Excellent job on your designing of Twilight, it turned out wonderfully. Scamp is a cutie, I'm glad they dedided to get another furbaby, and sounds like Scamp really needed a good home. I'll look forward to hearing more of how he's getting on with his new family.

Tammy said...

Great pics--awesome family tree!

Cindy F. said...

Wait! Did I miss something?
Who's wedding??? Gorgeous pic,,,but is that your daughter Laura? I don't remember you saying anything about an upcoming wedding!...lol!! I'm sorry girl,,,I'm so behind, I'm confused!

Love your Family Tree progress:)