Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A yummy surprise!

I had a surprise delivery this morning, a box of Thornton's Chocolates delivered to my door for my birthday (on Saturday). It was from my lovely friends Sarah and Neil (and kids) and was such a lovely surprise.... I have never had chocolates delivered before! I will not eat any until the day!! Promise. Here's the picture.
I have just returned from my Stitching club, where I worked on my Lilliput Lane SAL as usual. They had a lovely fire on in the room, which was great at first but in the end we were all too hot, we came out red faced!!
Here is the photo of the stitching magazines I bought for 10p each on Saturday, mom wants to go back to the shop this weekend....... I must try not to be tempted by any more magazines..... I have enough to do!

I have one confession - I have had one naughty stash moment..... I have bought some fabric for the cushion cross stitch that was in the Cross Stitcher magazine a month ago. There is going to be a set of 4, one for each season, so I bought enough fabric to do the first 2.... even though the next chart isn't released yet!! May start it soon!

Otherwise this week I have been doing bits and bobs..... some of Lizzie Kate's Housework, some of my Stitching for a Cure ornament, some of Mom's Mother's Day card, some of D for Dancer and also a small bit of a card for a new baby that I started last year but got bored with! Will show pictures at the end of the week.

On my birthday we are going out for dinner, but haven't planned much else. I intend to have a nice lazy day, it's nice that my birthday this year is at the weekend..... maybe I'll stay in bed and get the girls to make me breakfast!!!

Ginnie x


Margaret said...

Good on you - spoil yourself and have a lie in on the special day. Those chocolates look delicious - will you share them???

Daffycat said...

Wonderful birthday present! Treat yourself well on your special day!

You bad girl! You should punish yourself for stashing by going to your corner and stitching for a couple of hours! LOL Congrats on the stash but if I were you, I'd buy more of those magazines...where else can you get great stitchy stuff for 10p?

Patchesmany said...

Stitchy magazines are my weakness. I must always have more.

Anonymous said...

Like to wish you a happy birthday for this saturday, hope you have a great day,

Talking of magazines i may sway my order from crazy and now have x-stitch gold, as i do like bigger projects more.

Take care

x x

Shellie said...

Happy Birthday in advance hun.
Have a wonderful day and get loads of R&R and stitching time
Hugs Shellie

Miss 376 said...

Breakfast in bed sounds a fantastic idea, and how lovely to have chocolates delivered!

Gaynor said...

Oh wow..have a lovely birthday. And def grab those mags...I am soo envious..cant buy them here for love nor money..well yes, for money..but lots of it! Keep those mags and hold onto never know when you might need them ;-)

And choccies! fantastic. Which reminds me..have a little thank for the card you gave me..can i have your snail mail addy please..promise I amnot a stalker hehe
Have a great birthday

Chiloe said...

10 p a mag? I better move out (and go live to your house so I could steal your chocolate !!! lol)

Julie said...

Good idea! Enjoy your special day.
A lovely pressie. Nice mags too,

zetor said...

Sit down put your feet up, read your magazines and eat chocs. HEAVEN. Hope you have a lovely day on Saturday.

Sally said...

I love those choolates! They are my faves. I bet you will enjoy them:) Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Jean said...

Hi, Ginnie!

I'm sorry I haven't posted any comments. I put you on my google reader and never have any updates so I finally figured either you were out of commission, or my google reader wasn't picking up any of your posts. Obviously, you've been posting a LOT!

I love all your finishes and am totally impressed at how many you get done! You are amazing!!

Laura's room looks great. Pink - a girl after my own heart. My own Laura is a purple girl (who legally changed her name to Lauralai!)

I hope your birthday is fun filled and just a dream day for you!! Hugs to you on your special day!

Jean said...

I figured out the glitch on google reader - you're official so I'll be stopping by often!

Cindy F. said...


I hope it's fabulous:)

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Ginnie!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday! hope you had a good day, i wonder how long you did manage to resist those chocs ,lol I hope you have hidden them away so you can enjoy them all to yourself :-)

stitcherw said...

Ooooohhhh the chocolates look yummy, I don't know how you have the will power to stay out of them. Great stash too, the magazines look like they'll have lots of fun new projects.